Are These Body Features Killing Your Confidence?

If you can look at yourself in the mirror for five minutes without starting to pick out flaws, you’re doing well. You must have quite a lot of confidence in the way you look and who you are. Most people who look too closely start to think that their nose is too big or that their teeth aren’t straight enough. They might even notice wrinkles that they’d never spotted before and perhaps even start to think of themselves as fat. These are things that you pick up on yourself. But what about how others see you? There are certain features that other people might pick up on, and it could completely kill your confidence. You don’t want that so we’ve got the issues as well as the fixes.

Thinning Hair


This is mainly an issue for guys, but it can affect girls too. If you think that your hair parting has started to grow or that you’ve developed a peak in your hairline, your hair might be thinning. Or, you could be experiencing balding. If there is an issue with your hair, it will probably be falling out a lot more than it used to. You’ll notice clumps of it in the shower or on your brush. Don’t panic if you see a few loose strands. Hair does fall out naturally, and if you have more, you’ll lose more. However, if you do notice your hair actually thinning you can think about changing your diet. A poor diet really can cause your hair to fall out. You might also want to think about investing in bamboo oil shampoo. This is a natural way of making your hair thicker and stronger.

Yellow Teeth

Are you constantly worried about your pearly whites? Perhaps they are looking are more yellow than they used to. If that’s the case, there is a natural treatment you can try. You can think about using baking soda mixed with lemon juice. Using this as a paste, you can spread it across your teeth. Doing this a few times each month will quickly get the natural white color pack. Just be careful you don’t leave it on too long. Otherwise, the natural sugar in the lemon can damage your teeth. You can also try a professional treatment. You’ll find that most dental services such as also offer cosmetic treatments including teeth whitening. The benefit of a pro treatment is that it takes hours for an effect rather than months.

Flab And Fat

Short of wearing a girdle, it’s difficult to cover the belly flab and additional body fat. So perhaps it’s time to start thinking about working it off instead. You can do this by changing your diet to include less rubbish and more veg. All you need to do is balance your diet with things that are good for you packed full of nutrients and vitamins. Do this, and you’ll soon discover that the fat disappears. Have a look online at some of the most popular diets on site such as

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