A Sensory Journey To Your Inner World

The body is a wonderful machine, that can deal with a multitude of complex signals at the same time. When you stop to think about it, it is possible to believe that the body is the most advanced piece of technology on earth and that it probably performs a lot better than most computers. Naturally, it is a little tricky to perform your next photoshop retouching in your mind or to use your fingers to send a message to the other end of the world. Granted, your body is not like the latest MacBook Pro. For a start, it doesn’t come with an Apple logo. But every second of the day and the night, your body interprets millions of signals and keeps you updated smoothly about your surroundings and your internal well-being. Stop for a moment and take the time to take it in. Reconnect with your senses and rediscover the world all around you. Things are a lot more than what you see. Things are what you hear, touch, taste, and smell too. Let your senses take you on a journey to the centre of your nervous system: Discover the world through your nerve cells. A world like you’ve never sensed it before, and a new way of releasing pressures at the end of a busy day.

Listen To Your Inner Music

Hearing is a sense that is often unconsciously associated with finding your inner peace. Whether you are going through a difficult breakup situation, or you are enjoying a beauty treatment at your favourite spa centre, you naturally surround yourself with sounds. This is because music has a natural healing property for the brain: It is a soothing stress destroyer of all times. Music has the power to actively change your mood, and you can choose a track to lift your spirit or another to calm you down. Research has even demonstrated that playing music to hospital patients encourages brain activity and can release pain too. This is exactly why your sense of hearing is so important to your well-being. As a consequence, if you are experiencing hearing disorders you should get in touch to consult audiologist experts, such as those from EarScience.org.au/clinic for example, to help you improve your quality of life. In a fast-paced and stressful world, you need to rely on the power of music to recharge your batteries and keep you strong.


See The Beauty Around You

One says that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, your eyes face constant attacks from a variety of factors every day that can distort your vision: Dry air, hay fever, digital screens, without mentioning short-sightedness and eye tension. In short, if the beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, what beauty is there to see for damaged, tired or short-sighted eyes? While this might be the beginning of a philosophical debate, there is a serious health concern behind it. Getting your eyes tested regularly, by specialists such as VisionExpress.com, is the best way to keep you safe in everyday situations, whether it is at work, driving the car or watching TV. Blurred vision can cause headaches, fatigue, and make your daily tasks more tenuous. More importantly, being able to see clearly from a distance can be the difference between a safe brake on the road or a car crash.

Touch Me Happy

You might not have thought about it, but your sense of touch is greatly underappreciated. While you can find doctors to help you sort out any problem with your other senses – hearing, seeing, tasting, and smelling _ the only specialist that can help you when your touch wires are off, is a neurologist. But don’t think this means that your sense of touch is unimportant. It is one of the most important senses, as it’s the only sense that can spread happiness without a word. If you’ve ever wondered about the power of free hugs, it’s thought that female touch is an unconscious reminder of the touch of a mother for a baby. In short, if a girl is offering free hugs in the street, don’t hesitate to get your free dose of happiness. Additionally, the way your experience your physical surroundings can influence your performance, for example, people are more likely to succeed with a touchy-feely team. You can relate to sports players who fist bump, high five and hug within the team. The primary sense of touch creates a positive terrain for trust, cooperation, and success.

The Full Taste Of Life

The sense of taste is one of those senses that need a lot of work. If you are a parent, you have certainly experienced the dilemma of introducing your child to new flavours and keeping ahead of their constantly evolving sense of taste. In reality, your sense of taste evolves throughout your entire life. Consequently, you might find that the sweet tooth of your childhood has disappeared for a taste of savoury flavours. In older years, the palate does not stop its evolution, and it’s not uncommon for seniors to add excessive amounts of salt and spices to taste their food. That’s because the sense of taste, unfortunately, loses its sharpness if it’s not trained regularly.

I Smell Something Fishy

Smell is an incredibly important sense as it is the sense that is the most closely linked to your memory. If you have heard of the madeleine moment of Proust, the tastes of a madeleine dipped in tea that revives memories of his childhood, it should be the flower moment of Proust. Taste is the sense that is the least connected to memory because of its evolution. But the simple smell of something can bring back a forgotten memory. Smell is also a key factor of attraction between two persons, even if it is a signal that you don’t consciously register. If you fancy a sensory exploration, have a look for the fragrance loto on Amazon.co.uk. As childish as it might seem, training your nose to identify and recognize the different smells around you can revive the past for a moment.  

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