Investment Pieces That Will Add A Touch Of Luxury To Your Bedroom


We all want a touch of luxury in our bedrooms – it’s comfortable, exquisite, and aesthetically pleasing after all. Luxury is getting out of bed onto a soft rug, snuggling up in thick, Egyptian cotton sheets, on a bed which doesn’t creak or leave you with a sore back in the morning. But luxury doesn’t come cheap, so many of us feel that we have to compromise on luxury for a cost-effective bedroom. The secret is to bring some luxury elements into the room, without decking it out in all-out indulgence. A few little bits is all it takes to elevate it to the next level.

Your curtains

If you’ve ever slept in a bedroom with cheap blinds or curtains, you’ll know why this should be considered a luxury. They’re so thin that they might as well not be there, they let the light come streaming in, and they add nothing to the overall feel of the room. If you want to take your bedroom to the next level of luxury, a pair of thick, good quality curtains can make all the difference. They block out the intruding light during the night, meaning that you’re not so easily disturbed from your slumber. They also frame your windows, bring color to the room, and soften the hard edges. A good pair of curtains is more than just the sum of their parts.

The carpet

Climbing out of bed with bare feet onto a soft, fluffy rug, and padding across the room on a thick carpet first thing in the morning is a surefire way to start the day well. What you don’t want is cold floors or scratchy carpets, you want softness, comfort, and warmth instead. If you’ve got hardwood flooring in your bedrooms, consider putting thick rugs on most of the common route throughout the bedroom, such as the bed to the door, and the bed to the closet. Keep them in the general theme of the decor of the room, or opt for some beautifully luxurious Afghan style rugs for effortless opulence.

Your bed

Your bed is one of those things that you can’t compromise on. A cheap bed and mattress is a one-way ticket to a bad back and poor sleep quality. If you opt for designer bed frames and a mattress which works for your body, you’ve got luxury, comfort, and elegance, all in one fell swoop. A bed tends to be the focal point of a bedroom, so bringing decadence in that way can set the tone for the room completely.

The soft furnishings

Accessories are a great way to introduce a touch of luxury, without having to fork out a whole lot. In a bedroom, luxury is mostly focussed on comfort, so using the soft furnishings to emphasize this is perfect. A good quality duvet and pillows, with super soft and beautiful sheets, is the best place to start – you’ll feel completely spoiled when you snuggle down into those every night. Bringing in elements such as cushions, throws, and blankets in decadent fabrics can accessorize the room perfectly, and add a touch of opulence too.

Making your bedroom luxurious doesn’t have to cost the world, just a few choice purchases can elevate it to the next level.

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