Freeing Yourself From The Grip Of Addiction

Addiction can be a horrible thing to go through. For some people, it can quite literally ruin their lives with its all-encompassing nature. For others, they might not consider themselves to have an addiction, but once their vice is taken away, they would struggle as much as the next person. Treatment for addiction can be difficult as it varies from person to person; there are so many different factors to think about. An individual’s environment can determine much about their recovery from addiction, as can their inter-personal relationships and home life. But this being said, there are a few certain things that are advised across the board for those struggling with addiction.


Engage in accountability

How many times do you tell yourself that you’re going to do something (or stop doing something) only to pull out at the last minute with a self-proclaimed excuse? Whenever we set goals, it is always better to set them with someone else in mind too – someone we can be accountable to. When you know that it’s not just yourself you’ll be letting down should you give up, you will find that your desire to succeed is much greater. A little bit of pressure can get good results, so find someone you trust to take on this role in your recovery.


Don’t go cold turkey (if you know you can’t handle it)

You have probably heard the term ‘cold turkey’ thrown around before about addiction. If you haven’t, it essentially means giving up completely in one fell swoop, with no aids or forms of support. Many people think this is the only way to quit an addiction, but if you don’t feel comfortable with going cold turkey, you don’t have to! There are hundreds of other ways you can quit, such as cutting down gradually. For example, a smoker may switch to premium e-cig liquid rather than tobacco to stay off cigarettes. A health-conscious individual may use an app to limit their alcohol intake if that’s what they are trying to give up. Find a method that works for you and run with it – it doesn’t have to be what everyone else is doing.

Find a distraction

It is surprising how many addictions or bad habits we develop due to simply being bored. We are a generation of people who crave instant gratification thanks to the fast-paced digital world we live in, so addictions are pretty easy to form. To truly beat your addiction, fill your time with productive activities, so you don’t even have time to think about your bad habits. Yes, at first it will be difficult, as your mind and body will both still suffer the cravings. But remember to persist, as the more immersed you become in your positive activity, the less you will focus on your addiction. Try to pick something that engages your brain in a big way, such as crosswords or Su Doku, or choose something physical that will help you release endorphins.

3 thoughts on “Freeing Yourself From The Grip Of Addiction

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