Spring in Your Step? How To Get Your Garden Prepped and Ready For Spring

Through winter, the outside of our homes and our gardens can take a bit of a battering. Winds, rain, snow, and freezing cold temperatures can all take their toll. But luckily for us (and your garden), spring is just around the corner. It technically starts in March, so we haven’t got long left to wait.

If you have been avoiding doing anything outside for a while, then I don’t blame you. It can be hard to find the motivation to be in the garden when the ground is hard or your hands are getting cold due to the frost. But it should start to thaw out in the coming weeks. So what can you do to make sure that your garden is ready for spring? If it is prepped and ready, all the flowers will bloom, and it will look stunning. Here are a few ideas for you.


Jet Wash

Winter can bring lots of dirt, grime, and mold to the outside of our home. So using a jet washer is a great way to blast away the dirt. Your house will be looking as it used to in no time! The second thing that you can use your jet washer on is garden furniture, to make sure that it is all shiny and clean. Patios and tiles are a good idea to jet wash as well. Moss and mold can grow quite quickly, but a jet washer will blast it all away really easily.

Check Fencing

If you are going to be out in your garden more in the coming weeks, then you will want to know that it is a safe and secure place to be, especially if you have got children. So if you have some fencing, now is a good idea to check the security of it all. You might even consider getting new fencing that is taller if you feel like you need a bit more privacy in your garden. So you could check out privacy fence options as well as some regular wooden fencing if you don’t have any in the first place. Then just see what works for you.

Clean Garden Tools

If you haven’t got any garden tools, then getting a few at this time of year is a good idea as they won’t be in as much demand. If you already have some, though, it is a good idea to start cleaning your tools. You could use some oil on wood to help soften it. But just using a basic soap and water will help any metal tools get clean again. Then they’ll be ready to use as and when you need them.

Turn Your Soil

If you are going to be planting seeds in the coming weeks and months, then get on it by starting to turn your soil. Using a garden fork is the best implement for the job. It mixes the soil up and also helps to get rid of plenty of weeds that more than likely will have accumulated over winter.

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