How To Make The Most Of Your Space

Many of us struggle to know how exactly to make our homes into what we want them to be – and for most of us, one of the biggest problems is space. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of the space that you have in your home…

Improve The Flow Of Your Home


Have you ever considered the flow of your home? That means how well your possessions are shaped together and how intuitive your home feels – you need a good, logical layout that your whole family can enjoy. When you’re picking what room turns out to be what sort of space, consider how they’re going to be used. For instance, your kitchen is supposed to be one of the central hubs of your home so it’s perfectly okay if people traipse through it to reach other rooms on the other side of it, while you want your den to be more of an enclosed space so you can relax there in peace. To create more space, push your furniture back against the walls, and use plenty of clean, open colors that will make your rooms seem bigger. Make sure that your home is easy to use: you don’t want anything to be easy to trip over or bump into. Your home shouldn’t require any thought or carefulness to navigate –it should be instinctive.

Use Your Garage

Remember that in your home, there are plenty of spaces that you probably aren’t utilizing well that you can start to use in a more intelligent way. Your basement could become a TV room or hang out zone for your kids, while your garage could turn into a man cave for your partner, where he can complete DIY projects and have a little time and space to himself. You need to make sure that the garage is a good place to spend time in – make some garage door repairs so it opens and closes smoothly and doesn’t let in any cold air from outside. You could also add insulation to the walls to make sure that it’s nice and cozy in there all year round, and ensure that the lighting is good so that you can use the garage to focus easily on any projects that you want.

Declutter Your Space

Finally, one of the biggest enemies of a clean, comfortable space is clutter. Your average family ends up with a whole lot of it, from toys scattered across the floor (how can one family end up with so much lego?) to stacks of books you’re intending to read piled up against the walls. First of all, make sure that you declutter your home over a couple of weeks. Don’t go room by room – instead, tidying guru Marie Kondo advises you to go category by category – so clean out all your cooking stuff, all your clothes, all your books, all your toiletries and so on. Once your home is free of clutter, make sure that you give each room a good tidy every week to stay on top of the mess.

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