Choose A Pet Wisely

Pets can be wonderful additions to our homes, and family. Depending on your family’s requirements and size of your home, you do need to put some thought into what sort of pet would benefit your family the most. For example, if your partner is allergic to cats then obviously it would not be a good idea to get a cat as a pet; or if your home is not that big and can tend to become overcrowded without a pet, then a big dog like a German Shepherd or Rottweiler may take up even more space and they also may be uncomfortable with the amount of people in your home; or, if your child has a phobia of rats then you will need to avoid getting a pet rat.


It is not just your and your family’s needs that you need to think about, though. You need to think about what sort of pet would be happy living in your home, whether you have the time and capacity to care for it properly, and whether your budget fits with the expenses aligned to it. Dogs can be quite expensive to look after, cats not so much and pets like hamsters or gerbils can barely put a dent in your finances.

When you do get a pet, you also need to think about the safety of your home and garden so that your pet has minimal risk of becoming harmed or injured when relaxing in the house or playing outside in the garden. If you have decided to get a dog which has the tendency to be a livewire or prone to active bursts, then you will need to ensure there are no objects placed inside the home where they could fall on the dog if it, say, bounds through the kitchen, bangs into a cupboard and a kitchen appliance falls from the height of the cupboard (where it was kept) and falls on the dog. When the dog is in the garden, you could also invest in a vinyl PVC fence and other additions to prevent your dog from escaping and running out into the road.

If you have decided to get a cat, and it has been previously owned, make sure that it is not temperamental in certain situations such as when your children are trying to play with it. Also make sure that there are comfortable places for the cat to sleep and relax. For the safety of your children, place the cat litter tray in an area which they do not access much as the litter can be extremely hazardous to young children and – if ingested – can result in serious harm.


Whatever pet you decide to get, put the research in before going ahead with bringing a pet to your home. Animals needs to feel comfortable and safe in their homes, too, just as much as we do. Do not buy a pet which you are unsure of, or if you don’t think you can dedicate time to it properly.

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