Your checklist for moving to Europe



If you’ve decided to take off on a new adventure abroad, it can be an exciting and scary time. There are so many things you must try to remember, so it’s vital that you have a checklist handy at all times, with just a few key essentials on. In today’s post, I’ll cover some of the main ones…

  1. Paying your taxes

Your primary focus so far has probably been on how you’ll make ends meet when you reach your new home. However, have you considered the tax implications of moving abroad? Firstly, you’ll need to get in touch with HMRC about leaving the UK, and they’ll be able to tell you which documentation (usually a P85) you need to complete. This helps to ensure you’re being taxed appropriately, but note that if you’re paying tax abroad, yet continuing to receive interest income from savings in the UK, you will need to also fill out form R105.

  1. Sell vs Ship

When it comes to your possessions, there are two main options: sell or ship. You can sell all your possessions in the UK and opt to start again in your new home country, or you can ship everything over. Most people will argue this is very expensive, but this is far from true providing you know where to go. You can easily ship your house contents across countries via pallets to save money; make sure you partner with a reputable UK firm who also ship abroad, like Pallet Anywhere, and you’ll get a professional service for the best rates on the market.

  1. Taking your pet

No one wants to leave a family member behind on the big move, so planning your pet’s journey is just as important as planning your own. In order to relocate a pet, they must be micro-chipped by a vet and immunised against rabies at least 21 days before you’re due to travel. It’s always better to seek professional advice on their transportation too. If you’re planning to drive there from the UK to some quiet town in Europe, this is not so difficult to control, but if you’re flying it can become far more complex. Don’t forget that the move itself could be stressful and upsetting for your animal too, so read up on your particular breed of pet and how they handle change.

  1. Medical insurance

Finally, this is perhaps the most important element of your planning. With Brexit on the horizon, the European Health Insurance Card which covers pre-existing medical conditions has its days numbered for anyone in the UK, so it’s worth looking into future options. Thoroughly research your eligibility for medical care and social security benefits in your destination country, and check what kinds of agreements Britain has with certain locations, and how they will be affected as you settle down over the next few years.

If you’d like to read more about any of the points above, click here. Otherwise, please leave a comment with your thoughts and advice.

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