The Practical Guide That Keeps Romance Getaways Romantic

For some couples, there is nothing better than a romantic getaway to revive the fire of passion. For others, the mention of a romantic getaway holiday causes a cold sweat. Indeed, while most people love the idea of a time for your couple in a beautiful place of the world, romantic getaways can go terribly wrong. But don’t worry, there are some things that you can do to make sure that you are not taking any chance with your romantic vacation. Make it count with some practical common sense.


#1. You Need To Invest Time And Money

For a start, you need to accept that while you might want to be spontaneous and easy-going, a romantic getaway needs to be prepared carefully. As a rule of the thumb, a romantic vacation involves luxury, as, whatever you might think of it, camping holidays and hostel tours rarely appear on top of the list of most romantic breaks. Romance needs the right atmosphere, and this can only be done if you choose to invest time and money in your holiday.

#2. Plan The Journey From Your Home To The Hotel

The world is full of romantic cities. But to take an obvious example, Venice is a typical destination for romantic holidays that go wrong. Indeed, the journey from the airport to the town is exhausting if you rely on public coaches, and it can be difficult to find your way to the hotel in the labyrinth of small streets and canals. So make sure to look for a transport service such as bookwatertaxivenice that can get you from the airport to your hotel easily. You even get your personal water taxi to navigate the canals quickly!

#3. Avoid The Tourists

Coming back to Venice, the common mistake of most holidaymakers is to pick the highly touristic season, July and August, where the town is crowded, and the lagoon’s mosquitos are out in force. Additionally, summer couples often complain about the stale damp smells in the Venetian alleys. The city is very hygienic, but the summer heat and the crowds have negative consequences. So, before picking your romantic city, make your research and avoid the worst months!

#4. Book Your Tickets In Advance

Wherever you choose to go, you need to appreciate that there will always be other tourists around, even if you pick a low season. So if you are planning to take your lover to a trip to the museum before going to the opera in the evening, well done, this is a perfectly romantic agenda. But consider booking your tickets in advance if you want to avoid the queues that could ruin your day. Most attraction places and concert houses allow you to book online, even in old Venice! So don’t waste any time.  

#5. Pack For The Weather From The Forecast

Once you have picked your dates carefully, booked everything, and are ready to pack, you should always check the weather forecast before choosing your clothes. Too many romantic getaways are ruined by couples packing for the weather they hoped for instead of the one that was forecast. So, if you’ve picked the beginning of Spring to go to Venice, don’t pack all your summer tops without checking the weather. March and April can be very cool, even by the Adriatic sea.

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