Homefront: Win The Home Maintenance Battle Every Time

It is many people dream, to own their own homes, and they save up all your hard earned cash for years to do this. But not everyone considers all of the responsibility that comes along with having your own property. When you live in a rented accommodation if something breaks, all it takes is a quick call to the landlord or letting agent to ask them to sort it. However, when something breaks in the home that you have paid for you have to deal with it yourself. Which can be stressful, costly and generally a bit of a battle. However, there is a way of winning this battle every time. Read on to find out more.

Be Preventive More Than Reactive

One of the best ways of winning the home maintenance battle is to take a preventative rather than reactive stance. That means keeping everything in reasonable condition, so the likelihood of a major problem or disaster is reduced.


For example, checking and repairing a roof tile can prevent a major leak. Which could result in damage to your home furniture and result in dangerous mold.

Similarly watching out for the safety of plug sockets and getting them rewired by a professional like Mr Switch when they need it is the way to go. Rather than ignoring the obvious health hazard that this would pose until someone is hurt.

Have Trusted Professionals On Hand For Emergencies.

But, no matter how well you maintain your home, you cannot discount that emergency maintenance issues may occur. Especially due to circumstance beyond your control.

Bad weather can often cause structural damage or flooding. Which can result in a who host of issues such as damp, rot and electrical safety problems.

That is why it is best to make sure you have a trusted professional for each area of maintenance that could go wrong. Check out your local area for electricians and plumbers before you need them. So you will always have someone you can call out in an emergency.

Little And Often

Another important element of winning the home maintenance war is to make sure that you do these jobs little and often. That means it’s better to pick a small job or two to do every week,  then leave everything to the last minute. Which will be demotivating and you will be less likely to complete them to the standard that you want.

Cleaning Is The Best Start

If you home isn’t clean it pretty unlikely to be well maintained either. If you can’t find the time or energy to run the vacuum around or do a bit of dusting is unlikely you will have each the roof for leaks. Or the wall in the garden to see whether its crumbling or not.

In fact, just the act of cleaning can help you keep on top of your home maintenance issues better. This is because as you go around and clean you are much more likely to notice the little jobs that need doing. Rather than just ignoring them until they become too big to handle.

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