One Space Living: The Studio


There is a lot to be said for living in one space.  No running up and down the stairs, plenty of space to get about and a huge amount of natural light.  One space living doesn’t have to be small, if it’s large it can be cosy.  Let’s take a look at how to create the ultimate single space home.

Sectioning off parts of your home so you have privacy between certain areas can be tricky, especially if you don’t want to lose all that natural light or take away from a beautiful large floor space.  If you are looking for an industrial vibe you could install toughened glass panels and then use frosted glass window film to give you a little privacy between bedroom and living space.  This will slightly diffuse any natural light coming into the building but you won’t lose the light which is really important for both our health and boosting the most of the space.

Using furniture to make clear divides between your relaxing space, your work space and your dining is a really great way of sectioning a room without walls or panels.  Using a large piece of paper you can roughly sketch out how this will work then piece together mood boards to ensure you have a style which works together.  If you love the minimalist look, which does compliment single room living, then check out Ikea and the range of great matching furniture which can continue a room whilst giving you definition in each zone.  

Another clever way to separate spaces is to use material.  Bold materials from the ceiling to the floor which can be opened and closed depending on the feel you want in your home.  If you are enjoying a quiet evening watching a romantic film you could mimic the feel of a cosy, two person cinema.  Whilst dramatic materials are exciting they will lock out some natural light.  So you could also create this feeling using light materials which will allow the sunlight to burst through.  Play with ideas in different areas and bear in mind that material is pretty easy to replace when you get fed up.  

Bouncing light from various objects or corners can fool the eye into thinking something is there when it is really just a shadow.  You can create dramatic themes on walls with coloured light systems and even set parts of your space into complete darkness to bring a large room in on itself, also master the art of accessorising to bring added personality to your space.

Single space living is a fantastic and a great chance to get really creative and understand how small things can have a huge impact if used in the correct way.  However you must remember the most import rule of living the open plan life.  Tidiness and order are vital.  One mess in the kitchen and you can’t close the door and forget it! So make sure you have great storage solutions and keep everything hidden away (not under the bed) from your guests.

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