Exposed to the Elements: Protecting Your Home Come Wind, Rain Or Shine

Your home is not simply a comfy place to relax after a hard day at work, it also plays an important role in protecting you from the unpredictable nature of the weather. Over the course of a single year, your home is exposed to temperature extremes, thunderous rainfall and strong winds.

As long as you’ve bought well and have not experienced any extreme weather events, your home should be able to stand up to this onslaught, but not without taking a fair old buffeting. That’s why it’s important to regularly check how your home is doing if you are to prevent the elements from causing major damage.



One of the best ways of ensuring that your home protects you from temperature fluctuations is to install insulation. Cavity wall and loft insulation improves your home’s energy efficiency, lowering your heating bills, but also helps prevent colder temperatures from causing any damage. Insulation, including lagging round your pipes, can help prevent pipes from freezing and subsequently bursting.

Even if you have insulation, it’s a good idea to regularly check its condition. If moisture infiltrates your loft or wall cavities then this can be absorbed by the insulation present and contribute to damp building up in your home.

Get the paintbrush out

Painting your exterior walls doesn’t just give your home a great new look, it also protects it against the wind and rain. Investigate the different types of paint available and you’ll find that some have more durable qualities than others. Masonry paint, for example, is waterproof and dirt-resistant, offering your home protection for years to come.

Reliable roofing

A few missing tiles may not seem like much to you at the moment, but it could lead to a greater problem. A strong wind could easily turn that gap into a huge hole and then you really are exposing your home to the elements. A hole in your roof can easily lead to a leak, and all the subsequent problems that are associated with this.

The problem with roof damage is that it is a difficult and dangerous job to take on yourself, even if you’re experienced with DIY projects. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, seeking out the best roofers in your local area will give you the protection that your home needs without you having to get that rickety ladder out of the garage. Many contractors will also be able to repair your roof in a single day and offer a warranty on the work so you don’t have to worry about the hole re-appearing for a while.

Don’t ignore the warning signs

If you’ve noticed a crack in your exterior wall or puddles appearing around your home after rainfall, act quickly to stop minor problems developing into something far worse. Your home undergoes gradual weathering all the time, but if you ignore the warning signs you could eventually have to fork out for a huge repair bill. Instead, if you act quickly to carry out any minor maintenance work, your home should stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

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