Mad About Health? A Medical Career Could Be Perfect

On my friendly section of the web I have posted a lot of information about health, fitness and staying in great personal health. But what if you want to take things one step further? Rather than working to keep a check on your own health, you could work to make things better for other people. You can do this by entering a career in the medical industry. But what do you need to succeed when you’re seeking a job in medicine? Well, a good start would be a passion for your own health and fitness. Recently the media has suggested that doctors should learn from their own advice. This was after it was revealed the a large portion of doctors are living unhealthy lifestyles. While this might seem hypocritical it is nevertheless, quite common. Working in health doesn’t mean you yourself will be healthy, but it’s certainly a good place to start. It means that you are interested in health trends, practices and everything about staying fit as a fiddle. Of course, there are other traits and skills you’ll need to succeed.

Determined And Ambitious

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You do need to be determined to succeed in the health industry because if you’re just coming out of the gate, you have a lot of years ahead of you. Particularly, if you want to a full medical degree to become a doctor. You could be looking at eight to ten years in training and while it’s true some of those years will be spent in a hospital, you still won’t be completely in control. It’s not quite the same as running an operating theatre. So, you’ll have a lot of work ahead of you and it will require an immense amount of studying. Medicine has one of the highest dropouts for college students out of all the degrees you can study so it’s certainly stressful. Not everyone is going to succeed on this career path. The good news is that if you don’t make it to becoming a full doctor, you can still work in health. You can become a hospital care assistant. There are plenty of facts on hospital care assistants but one of the main considerations to take on board is that you don’t have to be fully trained. You can complete this job without a full medical license.

Care About People

You might think that there are roles in medicine that don’t require any patient interaction. There are but a) they are few and far between and b) to reach them you’re going to have to go through the same training as everyone else. This means at some point in your career you will be seeing patients, attending rounds and generally, filling the role of a doctor. That’s why you probably shouldn’t go into medicine unless you can handle patient interactions. If you can’t handle patient interactions you probably won’t survive your first year in medicine, let alone the next nine! However, it’s fair to say that not everyone working in medicine is filled with song and love for all mankind. There are certainly some doctors who are more fascinated about how the body works and saving lives. That’s perfectly acceptable as long as you can fake the rest enough that you don’t alienate people looking for help.

Memory Skills

Even at a lower role in medicine, there’s still a lot you need to think about and know, virtually off by heart. For one thing, looking at your phone or tablet half way through diagnosing a patient could give the wrong impression and make them feel unsure of your skills. Second in medicine, it’s true to say that every second counts. You need to think about solutions and treatments without having to spend hours researching to find the right diagnosis. As such, if you have an excellent memory it will certainly serve you well in medicine. If not just to get through the mountain of exams you’ll need to pass through your college career alone.

Not Just Medicine

Although we’re focusing on medicine it’s important to realise there are plenty of careers related to health that won’t put you inside a hospital. If you’re interested in fitness in particular, you can become a fitness trainer. I’ve already posted about this and you can find more thoughts on that elsewhere on this blog. Another possibility is to become a nutritionist. Nutritional experts aren’t always tied down to hospitals, but they will help people with their diet and ensure that they get their weight back to a healthy level. Or, you can research and write about health and fitness. If you love the ideas behind medicine and health but hate the possibility of working in the industry, writing could be the best option. A lot of medical blogs earn thousands a week for their owners by providing info people need.

Pressure Pushing Down On You

That said, if you do pick a career in medicine as a way to expand your health and fitness knowledge, you can expect a lot of pressure in your career. It’s not quite the same as working a deadline in an office. Someone’s life or wellbeing really could be on the line and at that point, you realise the true responsibility of a medical career. It’s not just about learning about health, it’s about saving lives. If you can’t handle the stress of that there are other positions to fill. But you shouldn’t automatically assume you won’t be able to handle this type of pressure. There are a lot of people who wouldn’t think they could cope with someone else’s life being in their hands. It’s only with training that they understand how to do this.

As you can see then, there is plenty of factors to take into consideration before you enter a career in medicine. Or, a career in health and fitness. But if the passion is already there, it’s a fantastic place to begin. You could be better suited for a position in medicine than some of the other people filling that role right now.

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