Get Up Offa That Thing And Stand Up More


Do you know how long you have been sitting down for today? If you have you been sitting at your desk or on the sofa for a prolonged period, it will now be time to get up and put some weight on your legs! Over the past few years, lots of studies have shown that sitting down is a lot more dangerous for our health than what we had previously thought. Not only does standing keep your fitness up, but it will also bring the following benefits.

It Reduces Your Risk Of Obesity

The only reason why any of us gain weight is that we are consuming way too many calories. If you eat more than what you can burn off, all those excess calories will get turned into fat by the body. And there is one very easy way you can increase the number of calories that your body burns off – you just need to stand up more throughout the day! It is thought that simply standing still for an hour will burn an extra 170 calories compared to an hour of sitting. So if you want to try and increase your metabolism and burn off some weight, get up out of that chair!

It Prevents Varicose Veins

If you ask vein specialists, they will tell you that there are various reasons why some people get varicose veins. It is usually because they sit down for too much or stay standing up for too long. But you don’t have to worry about too much standing unless you need to stay on your feet all day for work. If you have developed varicose veins because you sit down too much, you need to start standing up, as this can prevent them from getting any worse.


It Helps To Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

It is impossible to prevent your blood sugar levels from rising after you have eaten, as there will be traces of sugar in your food no matter how healthy it is. But you can prevent these levels from rising too high if you are quite active just after you eat. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible while you are at work. But studies show that if you stay stood up for the first hour after eating, you can also help to maintain your blood sugar levels. This is one of the reasons why many employers are now investing in standing desks for their workers.

It Will Reduce Back Pain

One of the main causes of back pain is the poor posture that our bodies take up when we are sitting down for long periods. This is made much worse when we are working at computers, as well often slump over the screen, which bends our spine and puts a huge strain on our back muscles. Standing up not only prevents this pain, but it can also be a great remedy as well. In fact, many doctors now prescribe daily walking as a way to combat back pains and aches.

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