Bills, Bills, Bills! 4 Ways To Cut Down On Your Outgoings

Saving money is something we would all love to learn to do; unfortunately, some of us just don’t have it in us. We would all love an extra vacation in the year, or a little treat, or even having some spare money to put towards a rainy day fund would do. The idea behind saving money is not about cutting corners, we all need to live comfortable lives and not go without the essentials, but rather starting good spending habits. Here are a few methods to get into the swing of money saving.

Waste Not, Want Not!

Look around you. What do you really need? Do you need that gym membership, or can you run outside and lift a kettlebell in the garage? Look at your mobile phone plan; do you use all the credit? Or do you find yourself with loads of minutes left at the end of the month and your internet usage is very low because you tend to use the Wi-Fi in your home anyway? By figuring out where all your non-essential payments are going, and by asking yourself if you really need them, you can make a substantial saving on your outgoings for the year.

Food, Glorious Food!


Do you eat out a lot? No? Well, how about that takeaway coffee in the morning en route to work? If you just buy that every day at £2.25, you’ve spent £20.50 a week, which works out at £984 a year! That’s a lot of paycheck on coffee. Instead, by making coffee at home and putting it in a thermal take away cup, you can still enjoy your cup of java on the go! And if you’re a coffee snob, you can still invest in the expensive brands, because a jar of the expensive brand is only a little bit more than your daily shop-bought cup, and that jar will last a lot longer than one day.

Ensure You’re Insured!

Warranties on your essential household items, like your fridge, need to be in place, which will save you money on buying a new one when it breaks down, which will make a big dent in your wallet. A site like WarrantyGuides is one of the many companies that offer warranties on your essentials. By having the right cover in place, it is preparing for that fateful day when something breaks down, and instead of bleeding yourself dry financially, you can get a replacement!  

Make A Deal!


We are stubborn when it comes to our preferred choice of brands. Instead of buying items as and when we need them, getting them when they are on offer or on a buy one get one free deal means you are getting value for money. Items like ketchup and mustard will keep in the fridge for a long time, and if you are buying meat, freeze them! They will keep for up to six months in the freezer. And items like tin cans have a faraway expiry date, so stock up on them!

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