Ear Us Out – Eye Can’t Recommend It Enough…

Our bodies are beautiful things. They are so complex and have more work to do that we could ever dream of; they are what makes us. We have five core senses to help us explore the world, and they each work independently to take everything in and then team up to process it all, giving you a wonderful experience every moment that you take for granted. Of course you do – we do – it’s just the norm for us.

But have you ever stopped to consider just what is happening as each second ticks by? What effort your body is putting in, for you to be able to sit and even think whilst doing a multitude of other things? At any one moment your body is sending not millions, not billions but trillions of signals around your body, helping to regenerate new cells, metabolise your energy, keep you balanced and awake and reading and breathing and … wow. It’s a lot to take in.


Eye Can See You

It’s amazing, and slightly hard, to think how our eyes work. These two little spheres help us to take in a variety of information at any one given time. You can take in more in thirty seconds looking round a room than you would in over a hundred times the amount of time if you were to just go around using your other senses to get a grasp of it. Seeing an optician regularly will help you to take good care of your eyes and treat them as you should be doing – glasses or contacts may be needed if you are putting too much strain on them. It’s especially easy to do in this age of technology, where we are using our eyes more and more to look at screens rather than the world around us.

Ear’s A Thought…

Sound can evoke a whole array of emotions. Music can bring back memories, a baby’s cry can break even the most hardest of hearts, and laughter can be infectious and bring your mood back to where it should be. Take care of your ears by listening to music at an appropriate volume; if it sounds like it’s too loud, then it probably is. Avoid turning your headphones up to full blast, as this can have irreversible damage on your eardrums. Cotton swabs should be totally avoided when cleaning your ears – have you ever heard of the expression ‘don’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear’ ? Only a professional should be cleaning your ears unless you have been given specific instructions on how to do so. The insides of our ears are one of the most delicate bits on our bodies, and need to be treated as such.

Mind Control

Take some time out to give your brain a rest. Meditation can be great to relax and help you to focus. In a busy world, we need space to give ourselves the attention that we require – so close your eyes, shut off your ears and give yourself time to recover.

One thought on “Ear Us Out – Eye Can’t Recommend It Enough…

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