Health Salad


It should go without saying that the food that you put into your body has an impact on how you feel… but so few people listen. If you eat poorly then don’t expect to feel well – it’s a basic life lesson.

There’s no denying it’s a little bit of a miserable lesson as well, though. So how about introducing a different way of thinking. Rather than seeing eating well as restrictive, denying you the sugary and carbohydrate-laden delights that you’re craving, challenge yourself to make a single meal as good for you as possible.

There’s no need to sacrifice taste, either. Experimentation with food is what you need, something to help you find a love for the good stuff in the same way you used to feel about the bad. So keeping taste in mind, just how many boxes can you tick with a single serving?

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is with a salad. No more limp lettuces and half-hearted dressings here – this is a salad with the ultimate health boost.

The Vitamin Alphabet

It’s possible to come up with a salad that ticks all the boxes with the major vitamins – provided you don’t mind experimenting with flavours!

Vitamin A: Carrots or yams. Tip: grated carrot works well as an accompaniment.

Vitamin B: Soya beans or brown rice.

Vitamin C: Oranges and lemons are the most obvious answer. If you want to keep things as savoury as possible, then red peppers are an excellent alternative.

Vitamin D: It’s difficult to absorb vitamin D through food (Sunlight is our main source), but oily fish such as salmon contain a good amount of it.

Vitamin E: Add an accompaniment of almonds or use grated to sprinkle over the main dish. If you want a vegetable, sweet chard has the highest E vitamin component you’ll find, swiftly followed by kale.

On The Side

Dry salad with no garnish or condiments can be dry and bland, so let’s look for some healthy ideas to add more flavour.

Olive oil – Rich in a plethora of “good” fats, olive oil is a classic salad drizzle that will please your palette and your body too.

Apple cider vinegar – Sweeter than conventional brown vinegar, you don’t have to look hard for the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. Try and find vinegar sold “with the mother” to increase its potency.

Honey – Honey has been used as a medicinal remedy for thousands of years and will also help satisfy a sweet tooth. If possible, source raw honey that has not been super-heated – so stay away from the jars found in the grocery store and look for a local beekeeper’s supply.

Spice Up Your Plate

As a finishing touch, a few spices can take a dish from standard to gold standard.

Turmeric – Is there nothing turmeric can’t do? It’s been linked with the prevention of a multitude of illnesses, plus it tastes amazing.

Cinnamon – Sweet and beneficial for regulating blood sugar, cinnamon is perfect if you’re watching your glucose intake.

Paprika – Another source of vitamin A that adds a delightful red hue to any meal.

If you experiment and play with these ingredients, salad isn’t just the healthiest choice you can make – it’s the most delicious too.

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