The Secrets To Feeling Great In Body And Mind


Your mental and physical health are so intrinsically connected, it’s impossible to separate the two. When you feel down or depressed, your physical health can really take a nosedive, and when you’re unwell or suffering from chronic pain, your mental health can suffer too. Feeling good about yourself is all about treating both your mental and physical health with equal levels of importance, without neglecting one or the other accidentally. It’s all about striking a balance, pursuing things that make you happy, and treating your body a little bit like a temple.

Streamline your life

Stress is just not very good for us. It stops us from getting good quality sleep, pushes our blood pressure up, and it can even encourage our bodies to pile on the fat – best avoided, you’ll probably agree. Streamlining your life is all about banishing the unnecessarily stressful aspects, creating coping mechanisms to deal with the bits you can’t eradicate (pesky bills!) and allowing yourself more time and energy for the things you enjoy. Even the workaholics among us don’t have the energy to keep going 24/7, we all need some downtime, and the only way to do that sometimes is by shedding the things that are dragging us down. It doesn’t need to be a drastic change, and it’s not a good idea to make it happen overnight, but if every decision you make is a move towards a more streamlined existence, you’re going in the right direction.

Quit cigarettes

Honestly, tobacco is up there with one of the worst ideas of the twentieth century. If you’re still smoking it, take this as a sign to stop. However you choose to get your kicks, a move towards an electronic cigarette makes for an easier transitional period. As you can see from this Dabado Bolt review, they can be adapted to suit your needs, and they’re not chock full of all the really unhealthy constituents of tobacco, and they’re a whole lot cheaper too. The feeling of pride once you’re tobacco-free should be enough of an incentive for anyone.

Exercise more and eat better

The old “treat your body as a temple” thing can get a bit repetitive, can’t it? But it’s sort of true. You only get one body, it’s probably worth treating it pretty well and trying to get better mileage out of it. There’s nothing wrong with the odd glass of wine, takeaway, or huge night out, but when the indulgences are part of an overall healthy lifestyle, you’ll feel a whole lot less guilty for enjoying yourself. Regular workouts and a balanced diet are the key to feeling great. Not only do you look amazing, but your body works most efficiently, fat is burned rather than stored, and you are more able to deal with stressful problems which come about. Creating a healthy lifestyle can be tricky, but it’s certainly not something to be overlooked.

Drink water, not soda

It’s so easy to grab a can of cola from the fridge when you’re feeling tired or dehydrated, but you could be doing your body a huge disservice. That much caffeine and sugar will lead to a glucose crash later in the day, meaning you’ll probably feel even sleepier than you did before. Not to mention the way your body stores unused sugar as fat. Water, on the other hand, keeps your skin clear, your organs in tip top condition, and even helps us to lose weight. So if you’d like to lose a bit of weight and save some money in the process, scrap the fizzy pop – it basically adds nothing to your life.

Take some time out

We can’t keep going forever, we all need to take a break. Every day should contain some downtime, whether it’s a relaxing bath, half an hour with a much-loved book, or even an hour in front of the telly, it’s really important to unwind every single day. Longer term, it’s crucial to take holidays, leave everything behind, let your hair down, and explore the world. A sense of adventure keeps us young, happy, and free-spirited, and it’s crucial to a sense of wellbeing.

Don’t forget to socialise

You need your friends around you. People to laugh with, cry with, and argue with are so important to our happiness and sense of identity. Even if you live a crazy busy life and there’s no time for meditation, relaxation, or holidays, make sure you see your friends and family – they’re the most important people to surround yourself with.

So many different things contribute to a sense of peace in yourself – find your balance, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

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