Home, Sweet Home: How To Freshen Up Your House


Living in a tired and stale home will make you equally tired and stale. Taking a few step to rejuvenate the inside of your property can be a cathartic experience and will have you looking forward to coming home more. Here are a few ways that you can freshen up your home and turn it into a happy zone.

Have a spring clean

Cleaning can seem like a huge chore, but can actually be fairly therapeutic once you get stuck into it. First, take some time to declutter. Sell, donate, recycle and throw away all the items you don’t need. From here you can get stuck into tackling the dust and dirt. If it’s too much difficulty for you to clean yourself or you don’t have the time, investing in house cleaning services either for a one-off spring clean or for a period of time could be an option.

Obliterate bad odours

Houses with pets and kids can develop a nasty smell. You may not notice it yourself, but subliminally it could affecting you mentally (plus guests will smell it). Air fresheners are a great way of purifying the air. Alternatively you can keep your house smelling good by encouraging nice aromas to mask the bad smells. These could include scented candles, incense sticks and scented air fresheners.


Spruce up with plants

Plants have been proven to have a healthy effect on the human brain. They improve concentration, purify the air and prevent the spread of diseases – plus they help brighten the place up. If you live by yourself and have no pets, plants may be a simple way of providing an extra sense of life to your home. Just remember to keep on top of watering them and to let them have enough sunlight – dead plants won’t freshen up your home.

Let in light

Put some light on the subject by throwing back those curtain and blinds more often during the day. If you only have a few windows in your home, you can increase the amount of light by adding mirrors on walls opposite. You can also consider mirrored wardrobes and other furniture. Add in some warm artificial lighting on top of this and you will immediately transform your dull home into a bright and cheerful place.

Repaint the walls

If your walls are too dull or too gaudy in colour, they may be creating bad energy in your home. Try adding new colour schemes to alter the mood. Lavenders, light blues and grey can create a greater sense of calm. If you want to liven up the place, yellows, greens and tan colours may be more appropriate. Simply changing the colour of a room will instantly bring new life to it. You can further reinforce the moods concerning this particular colour by matching your furniture and remaining décor.

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