Winter Weekend Wonders: Popular Resorts For Couples


The best thing about travelling is travelling with someone close to you. Not only do you get to go on adventures and a world of discovery, you get to rediscover each other and everything you may have been missing while raising a family or working. Of course, even those couples young and in love head off for a weekend away to get to know each other, it’s not just for those on a path of rediscovery. However, luxury is where it’s at and taking a few weekends off through the year for a little indulgence is good for the soul and we wholly recommend it!

It’s not often you get to say you’ve been travelling around the world. Aside from the usual choices of schlepping it through the desert, rainforests and jungles to discover new cultures, and backpacking across continents, there’s a little bit of luxury waiting for you. Choosing to go away for a weekend instead of long term travelling can be far more exciting – and cheap! White sandy beaches are the choice of sun lovers but what about you winter worshippers out there? Where should you go to soak up the scenery and stay snuggled from the snow? There are some beautiful places to visit across the USA and Canada so if you are whisking your partner away for a weekend and you want something different from the usual sun spots, check out our list of amazing weekenders.

With a nation that covers ten million square acres of land, you get plenty of choice with Canada, and all of it is geared toward outdoor living. Whether you want to ski down the side of a mountain in Whistler or enjoy some of the city life in Vancouver, Canada has pretty much anything you may be looking for. We’ll start with the Canadian spots for weekend winter wonders and then move onto the USA and hopefully by the end of this post, you’ll be enchanted to book your break away!

Vancouver is a rather beautiful city with many coastal resorts that have a ton to offer. Big city excitement for those who want to explore, shop and enjoy delicious food as well as natural splendour to be enjoyed. World class shopping facilities in the form of Oakridge Shopping Centre can give you somewhere to explore and buy souvenirs should you choose to and those who love the outdoors will be amazed and awed by Stanley Park. A weekend away here can suit any adventurer, especially those looking for a little down time with nature.

Whisk your wonder away to Whistler. Hole yourselves up in one of the biggest and best ski destinations in the world, with the right terrains and just a touch of luxury to suit everyone. Whistler and Blackcomb join together to form one resort and if you want some great snow, take your weekend away from November to May. If you’re not much into skiing or snowboarding, you can dig-sled, snowmobile and cross-country down the mountains. In the resorts, you could find indoor activities, hot tubs and great food. There’s really something for everyone here and the scenery itself is simply breath-takingly beautiful.

If you want something a little more intimate, Lake Louise is an enchanting place to visit for the weekend. It’s very popular with its skiers of any level and it is backed by the Banff National Park, which has majestic mountains and over four thousand acres of skiable ground. There’s a lake for those hand-in-hand walks and you can toboggan, ride horse-drawn sleighs and go snow-shoeing for something that bit different.

Heading down to the USA, Jackson Hole in Wyoming is home of the Tetons. A remarkably beautiful place to be, you can stay in hotels, resorts or there is an amazing lodging option available for those who want a truly authentic mountain experience. Close to Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole is one of the most luxurious places to visit for ski lovers and those who love an adventure. Dripping in history, there’s more than just a mountain or two to explore so a weekend away holed up in a beautiful lodge will be attractive to anyone.

One of the most popular places to ski in America is Aspen, Colorado. It’s renowned around the world and visitors from all over the place go there to ski, explore and enjoy the surrounding villages. Weekends away require a luxury atmosphere and Aspen has it in spades with a quaint style and first class hotel options. The town itself is traditional and warm in hospitality. It’s not all skiing either, with spa options available and guided walks in the mountain being an option for the very brave of heart.

Of course, there are plenty of winter weekend options throughout both incredible countries and the ones listed above are merely a small snippet of what you can find. Most of the time in the winter months, people seek the sun and warmth to enjoy and use it as a time to get away from the cold that can be pretty bitter. There is a beauty, however, in the mountains and the snowy scenes. It encompasses comfort, luxury and fun and being able to whip off on a weekend here and there to get your adrenaline pumping on the slopes or simply explore the scenery together is the ultimate fun option. Why bother with the local gym when you could strap on your snowboard and get a workout in that way?

It’s not just that either, it’s the fantastic food, accommodation and shopping in resorts to enjoy that really makes a winter weekend. Curling up by a fire while a snowstorm rages outside, building snowmen and enjoying time in a hot tub all make a winter weekend away wonderful. Choosing snow over sun can be the best weekend you have ever had so all you have to do now is book somewhere amazing to enjoy for the weekend. Truly, what’s stopping you?

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