Comfort Is All About The Little Things


This winter seems to have gone on longer than most. It may not have snowed all that must, but it has been cold and windy. What’re more shops, brands, and department stores seem to start capitalizing on the Christmas in early September, which means the cold months seem to last forever. We’re not complaining, though. Oh no, we love winter. We love all that is stands for; log fires, hot chocolates, early nights and soppy films. Winter is all about winter warmers and, technically, we’re still in a winter month (and if you’re not, remember it is winter somewhere in the world), so why not use this as an excuse to make your home as cozy and comfortable as possible. After all, cozy and comfortable is something to be desired all year round, which is why we have compiled this list of easy tips and tricks. Enjoy.

The Dining Room

When you think, “hmmmm, which room shall I make that little bit more comfortable,” you never think of the dining room. It’s an area that offers practicality that is never tampered with. But it should be. It’s where we eat, spend times with our family and friends, laugh and joke and bond, so why not upgrade and install comfortable seating. Change up your dining seats, chuck a couple of gorgeous arm chairs at either end of the table, and plop some pillows around. Or go that little bit further and install a deep banquette that your table can slide into; this will provide the most relaxed and most comfortable dining experience this side of a private member’s club.

The Floor Space

Too many people rely on coffee tables to fill the void left in the middle of a living room. However, you don’t have to go this way. Sure, there is use in having a dining room table, but why not swap it out for some end tables and fill the space with some footstools and beanbags. There is little more chilled out and cozy that curling up in a large, soft beanbag to read your favorite book. As for the footstools; get the right ones, in the right texture and color, and you’ll feel warmer without even turning the dial. It will also mean you can stretch out on the sofa when you have people around. Wonderful. If these don’t take your fancy, though, why not go down the pouf road. Every granny in the world has a pouf or two in the home, and there is nowhere more cozy than your granny’s house. It’s a foolproof strategy. Of course, you may not have the space for end tables in your cozy cottage, so why not employ the use of a thick shag pile rug instead, it’s the most comfortable step you can make (terrible pun, we’re sorry).

The Bedroom

That sunday morning feeling. Enough said. So why not maximize that feeling by upgrading your bedroom to absolute comfort with easy hacks and simple tricks. Making a feature wall out of a gorgeous hanging curtain will not only add a little spark and spunk to your room, but the material will create a cozy vibe that could change your life a little bit. Or how about you make a stunning canopy to hang above your bed, something light and sheer and silky, somewhere grown up and sophisticated that you can hide away in. Or chuck out your old bedding and make the ultimate upgrade by buying the highest quality, thickest duvet you can find. This may sound like a wild goose chase given a choice that is out there, but that choice simply means you can customize your purchase to your wants and needs; you just need to know what to look for in a good down comforter. Then add some pillows and cushions. The more cushions and pillows you have the cozier your bedroom will be and the cozier your room is, the cozier your days will end and start. The bedroom is our place of peace, and it deserves love and attention if it is going to reciprocate. Don’t just concentrate on the bed though because another great way of making your room feel like something out of Downton Abbey is to add a chaise lounge at the end of the bed or a huge arm chair to the corner of the room. Something imposing that you can throw your clothes on, or can curl up in and call your friends, or read this week’s magazines.

The Lighting

Your lighting has more effect on mood and feeling than most people realise. It is such an amazing way to add that cosy atmosphere you are looking for. It could be that you add dimmer switches to your rooms and get a better handle on it that way, but there are so many other routes than you can go down. Why not use fairy lights in unique ways; drape them over your floor-standing mirrors, or cram them into thick glass jars, or incorporate them into the canopy above your bed. To give your lighting a different feel and a bit of quirk, why not dot old lanterns or brass lamp shades around your home. Or hang large filament bulbs above your kitchen island or dining room table as a way of setting the mood in a way the bright overhead lights can’t capture.

Log Fires

The most surefire way to bring a winter warming look and feel into your home is to expose a hidden fireplace or install a log burner. Flickering flames are where it is at, just ask the Scandinavians who do winter better than anyone. But the best thing about log fires is the vibe they give off without even being lit. Walking into a room and seeing a cast iron log burner in the corner and a pile of chopped logs fills the heart and soul with happiness, the kind that can’t easily be described. Trust on that one, because if you are looking for one single way to boost your homes coziness, a log burner or fireplace is it.

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