Push It To The Limit: Don’t Take Fitness Lightly!

There’s a lot to be said about the benefits that exercise provides – but for some, that weekly trip to the gym can be an absolute hassle. Those morning push-ups can be a drain, and that late-night diet can be a pain.


Now, there are plenty of ways you can kick-start your healthy lifestyle. Start walking more, sign up to the gym, eat less and healthier.

But what about finding the peak of yourself? What about pushing yourself? When you’re in a malaise, it might be time to rewire your brain and start fighting for the best you-not the slightly above-average you.

Let’s talk diet first – if you’re going to be serious about exercise, you need to be serious about food. If you want to reach your pinnacle, pizzas are going to have to go. Now diets, are fantastic sometimes and can help jumpstart your fitness – but you’ll be back to the wine and curly fries on a lazy friday night once the diet is over. They are short-term things and can lead to temporary results.

Now, these dietary changes don’t need to be overwhelming! Start small. Cutting out processed red meats is an amazing change you can make for your long-term health right away. Anything with smoked, cured, salted on the label can go into the bin. It’s a big risk to your health and it’s a certified cause of dangerous cancers. Stick to lots of white meat and the odd steak if you’re missing red meat too much. Chicken, Turkey, and Fish are great as well. Also, chuck diet pop out of the window – the sweeteners used to make the drinks ‘zero-calorie’ make you crave fatty and carb-high foods.

Now – let’s talk about pushing yourself. Grab the right gear and work hard – aim to do repeated sets of exercises and don’t give up. Short sharp bursts are better than endurance tests. Treadmills, bikes, weights and mats are the simplest things you can purchase right now, and if you need a little bit of a push – here’s a performance bike promo code so you can get started. Try to increase your exercise to a daily task, but work different muscles every day – don’t burnout and run every single day. Split it up and find routines that work for you. Get outdoors with a bike and challenge yourself

The most important tip you need to hear at this point is to not push too many demands upon your body. Fighting too hard for fitness can have dangerous consequences. Stick to your regime and if it’s hurting you at all – see a doctor and step back a little. You’ll only get hurt and lose the progress you’ve tried so hard to make.

Don’t take exercise lightly and if you’re finding that the basics aren’t working – you might need more motivation. Push hard and work hard to get the most out of your life.

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