A Success Guide To Becoming A Fitness Instructor



A fitness instructor (or personal instructor) helps other people to stay healthy, to work towards fitness goals and to help maintain a routine. If you’re a health and fitness addict, you may have already considered a career in this area. It’s a tough nut to crack but with enough perseverance you can make a success out of it. Here are a few useful tips when considering a career in personal training.

Being qualified matters

You can start any business on your own without qualifications, but in the case of being a personal trainer it helps to have some kind of merit behind you. Most personal trainers find their first clients by working in a gym and most gym will only let you in with qualifications – regardless of whether you’re working voluntarily or not. This is because the fitness industry is so competitive and having some form of accolade behind you shows you know you’re stuff. There are all kinds of fitness courses to choose from, some of which can be completed in a matter of weeks. Get your qualification sorted and stay qualified.

Have a speciality

The fitness industry is crowded, so you need to find a way of standing out. This could a specialism such as running, weight-lifting or dealing with a certain age group. Alternatively, you could incorporate new methods into your training style. This could include elements of football or martial arts, training with unique objects such as household items or technology or being able to provide extras such as dietary plans and physical therapy.


The only way to make clients come to you as a personal trainer is to network. The more people you tell about your business, the more people know of what you do. Get known about within your community and your business will spread via word of mouth. Advertise yourself in local newspapers, in local social media community groups, on council noticeboards and by giving out leaflets. Find people who can endorse you and recommend you and encourage testimonials.

Prepare to work around the clock

Being self-employed you will have to work all kinds of horrible hours at first in order to get business. Most people work nine-to-five weekday jobs, which means they’re in the gym and available for training early in the morning, late in the evening and at the weekends. Marketing will also become a 24 hour job. You may be at a social event on a Friday night and meet someone who’s looking for personal training, at which point you’ll have to switch to business mode – prepare yourself!

Find time for your own personal fitness

Constantly training other people can make you want to get away from the gym in your free time, but in doing so you could be abandoning your own fitness. Don’t let yourself lose passion for exercise and find time for your own fitness. If you don’t want to go to the gym, you can train at home or at the park. You can even use this time to create your own exercises.

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