Tame Those Monkeys: Finding Peace Of Mind To Create A Better You


Are you looking to change your life but finding it hard to get the energy or inspiration to do it?  You know you could be healthier, achieve more at work or be a better friend but every time you set about making changes it seems bigger challenges jump up and stop you.

Maybe you find your brain focussing on things at night.  You’re out of shape?  You don’t have enough money?  You haven’t spoken to your mum for weeks?  As you lie there with your brain going over and over all the problems you have in your life, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if these problems really are as bad as they seem.  For a healthy life you need a healthy mind

All of us have what some refer to as ‘the monkey mind’ these are your thoughts that roll around and make you self doubt.  You have to take stock and learn to control these monkeys if you are going to make any change to your life and improvements to your health.

The monkey mind is most active when you don’t have big problems to deal with.  It loves to solve and organise, which is why if you break your leg you tend to focus on dealing with that and not worrying if you have piled on a few pounds.  The monkeys in your head are happy.  They have a problem to solve and a job to do.  Remove big problems and they are made redundant, so they start to panic.  If they don’t have a job to do, then they will lose their home.  So they need to create a job.  This is where they put your mind to focus on self doubt or turning little things into big things.  

The key to change is to understand and train these monkeys.  You need to control them, not the other way around.  

Simple things like walking are an excellent way of reducing stress and eliminating the chaos in your mind.  Take some music with you and get your blood really pumping.  You can solve most of life’s smaller issues if your body is focussed on a simple task that wakes up the system.  

Yoga and meditation are an excellent way to control your thoughts from running wild.  Using jewellery or a candle to focus your mind when you feel it running away is a great distraction.  Have a look at meditativewisdom.com to get some ideas.

Talking it out is another way to help empty the noise of your mind.  We all build up worries until they are so chaotic we lose sight of what started them.  Deconstructing a problem with a friend can help you get back to where it all began and often you will realise that there isn’t much there you can’t solve.  

Finally, remember you cannot change anything overnight.  Your body needs sleep to process any issues or problems and without it, you can become depressed.  Set up a great bedtime routine and repeat to yourself that nothing can be fixed when the day is over.  

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