Moving House Is A Heck Of A Lot Easier When It’s Not A Mess

According to data from Organized Home, every year one in five American families move house. That means that there’s a good chance your family is facing a move of its own in the near future.

But moving house can present some serious organizational challenges, especially if you also happen to have kids. Changing your home often means that you have to change all your little habits – all those small things that make life easier and run smoother.


Moving all your stuff is a daunting task, and so getting organized is key. Here is some advice on getting your home in order before a move.

Get A Home Moving Planner

As a mom busy organizing a move, you’ll be getting a lot of phone calls. Everybody from the local realtor to moving companies will be ringing you up, setting times and dates, and making changes to existing plans. Keeping on top of it all can be a nightmare, especially if you decide you’re going to try to memorize it all.

Cynthia Ewer, the woman who wrote the book, Cut The Clutter: A Simple Organization Plan for a Clean and Tidy Home, says that moms need to think about their move as a business operation. She suggests that they head to the nearest stationery store, pick up a business planner, and record all correspondence they have with the various people involved in the move. She reminds sellers to choose planners that have pouches for things like receipts, as well as ruled lines for recording things like telephone numbers and email addresses.

Construct Your Survival Box

Ewer also suggests that moms build what she calls a “survival box.” The survival box is a box that contains all the stuff that women need to get through the day, including things like pillows, alarm clocks, children’s night time toys and so on. She suggests that they paint it red and plaster it with stickers so that it stands out in amongst all the other boxes once the removal van arrives at the new house.

Start Your Virtual Move

Of course, it’s not just stuff that we move anymore; it’s also our digital lives, stored away on various hard drives and discs. It’s a good idea before you move to backup all your essential data on an external hard drive, just in case your computer or laptop is damaged during transit.

Organize Cords For Easier Setup

Cords can be a pain, especially when it comes to setting up things like the TV and set-top box later. Different cords go with various appliances, so knowing which go where can often be confusing. Label each of your cords with colored dot stickers, so you know which cable plugs into which device.

Put Important Papers In A Fireproof Box

Despite the fact that much of our stuff is now online, there’s still a good deal of stuff that remains in physical form, like utility bills and tax statements. For record keeping purposes these need to be preserved, so lock them in a fireproof box before moving out.

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