A Healthy Interest In Your Well Being

It can be all too easy to sacrifice our health for other things these days.  Like performance at work, looking after others, or even getting all of those things on our bucket list ticked off. But our health and well-being is actually something that should be on the top of everyone’s to-do list. You see, without good health, our performance will suffer in other areas, and it will be harder to enjoy our lives. So read on to make sure you know how to prioritize your well-being and get a balance between that and the other things in your life.


Put your own oxygen mask on first

This is a popular saying in the self-care field, but so few people actually manage to do this. It refers to the fact that if there is a problem on a plane, you are instructed to first put your own oxygen mask on, and then help others around you put on theirs. This is because you can put there’s on, but if you run out of oxygen yourself, you are going to be in trouble.

The same thing happens all the time, when you are constantly putting others need above your own. Maybe you have a friend going through a life crisis, and they need to be on the phone to you all the time? Or, maybe you are the type of person that helps others by listening and offering comfort and advice on their problems? Or it could be that you work in a department where there is another member of staff on long term sick, and you are doing the best you can to help out? All of these are wonderful things to do. But they can also lead to becoming overwhelmed, and burnt out if you don’t step back occasionally and take some time for you.

You need this time to recharge, to do the things that you love and to get your energy back. That is why it’s like putting on your own oxygen mask because, without this time, you are going to hit empty. Then you won’t be able to do any of the extra things that you are taking on. Remember, some time is it not just OK, but it’s a necessity, so learn to put yourself first!

Don’t bother about bothering the doctor

Something else that you need to do, if you’re taking a healthy interest in your own well-being is to develop your relationship with your GP. So many people find it hard to go to the doctors. They don’t want to appear like they are a hypochondriac. Or, they don’t want to waste the doctor’s time. This, despite all of the NHS advertising campaigns which state very clearly that if you are in doubt, you should get it checked out!

The thing is, though, that the NHS is a service, it’s actually got it in the title folks! That means, ultimately they are there to serve you and benefit your health. So if you are concerned about something you are quite within your right to go and get it sorted out. Remember you pay for this service through your taxes, so it is designed to benefit you.

Also, remember that if you come across a doctor who opinion you disagree with, you are perfectly within your rights to ask for a second opinion. No one knows your body better than you do. So if you don’t get the result you are looking for on the first visit, try again.

For others, it can be more of a case of having trouble keeping up to date with medical appointments and perceptions because of how busy they are. Working, or raising a family can be very time consuming, and so is easy to put checkups and prescriptions to the bottom of the list. If this applies to you, then remind yourself that health is always something you need to prioritize!

If you are really struggling with time though, then you might want to use an online doctor service. Or order your prescriptions from an internet pharmacy. This can save loads of time and means people with health conditions can manage their symptoms a lot better. For example, asthmatics can order Ventolin online. Or those going abroad on holiday can get norethisterone to stop their periods, all delivered to their own home.

An investment in yourself

Changing your perspective, and valuing your health can be a long process. As it may require you to examine your habits and change some major aspects of your life. But it is worth doing!

Health shouldn’t be seen as something we either have, or we don’t. It is better to view it as something we can develop by doing things that invest in ourselves.

Remember things like exercise, meditation, and even having fun, can all make a big difference to our overall health. Just because they are focused on us doesn’t mean that we are selfish. In fact, it means that they are essential, as without our health we struggle to do any of the other things that are asked of us!

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