The significance of the repetitive numbers: What should you know?


Have you ever noticed that a specific number pattern or a particular number keeps appearing in front of your eyes. Whether you are checking the time or switching between the channels on the TV, sometimes a specific number keeps repeating itself to gain your attention. Or you might realise that your office’s employee code, your phone number, your address, your birth date or other such numbers contain a common factor like 11, 22, 16 etc. If you have been seeing the same number or a number pattern everywhere, then a repetitive number is trying to gain your attention and convey the deeper meaning that it possesses. It is a fundamental that finds its origin in the psychic science and you must know what these numbers are trying to express. 

Here are some common repetitive numbers and their significance.

Recurring 11s

As per numerology, recurring ones such as 11, 111, or the time 11:11 signify the wisdom which you possess that’s not being properly by yourself. Recurring 11s are termed as the master number and when you keep on seeing this number, it means that you have an inner knowledge that wants to be discovered by you. This could also mean that you might be making the bad decisions about what you think you know.

11 or other numbers with repetitive 1s connote a spiritual path. Many also believe that 11:11 shows that you are an earth angel or a light worker, here on earth to restore the sense of oneness, uplift human consciousness and harmony to the world.

This YouTube video will show you the significance of the repetitive numbers.

Recurring 22s

This is the number of relationships and partnerships. When you see 22s, such as 2:22, 22:22 etc., it means that you might not be paying attention to the people are trying to come into your life. It also implies that you might be bumping into a soul friend or soul mate, someone who is going to play a significant role in your life.

This could also be a signal indicating that you need to balance the give and take in your existing relationships. Either you will be given much more than you are getting or vice versa. In both the scenarios, you need to balance the relationship.

Recurring 33s

The recurring 33s signify that you need to align your mind body and soul. It could be a small alert to check which of these are out of balance, and you need to do something in order to restore the balance. When  you adjust and balance these three elements of your life, you will feel the inner peace.

There are many other repeating numbers which signify different things. For instance, repetitive 44s signify home and family, while repeating 55s signify an upcoming change, etc. So,pay attention to the repetitive number patterns in your life to understand the hidden meaning. If you want to explore more about these numbers and their relation to the tarot cards, then check this website for more information.


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