Three stylish ways to add a personal touch to your home


We all want to have that dream, catalogue home – the kind of living space that would fit right in amongst the many pins of Pinterest. The problem is though, with many people becoming so fixated on getting that photo shoot ready look, they’re forgetting to add any personality to it. Remember, it’s your home, and there are plenty of ways that you can reflect a little of your own character in a space, whilst keeping it as stylish as possible. Here are just a handful…

  1. Put everything on display

You should be proud of anything that has been passed on to you. It will always have more impact with guests if you’re able to say “that was my grandmother’s” or “my mother gave that to me when…” – your living space is a wonderful way of telling the story of your life, so don’t hide things away from people in the name of minimalism.

If you love something you’ve been giving but you’re not sure it fits with your décor, consider how you could re-use it. For example, if you’ve been given a dusty old chrome candlestick, give it a polish or paint it white, and fill it with a waterfall flower arrangement that includes the colours of the room in question. Instead of throwing something away, always consider how it could be given a new life.

  1. Don’t be afraid of wall art

A lot of people shy away from large canvases and images of their family, fearing that it will dominate a space and make it feel too cheesy. However, photographs are a great way of showing your personality. To keep it stylish, consider the colour scheme that you have in that room, and then think about all the photographs you’ve taken over the years.

Are there any that would match the colours of this room? If you’ve used blue tones, are there any seaside pictures of when you were a child? If you’ve opted for oranges, do you have any pictures you’ve taken of sunsets? A high-quality canvas prints company can easily blow these up for you, and now it’s not just a generic photograph you have on your wall, but an expression of your life, your family and what makes you happy.

  1. Bring in some plantlife

You’d be amazed what adding flowers to a room can do to a space. Firstly, it shows that a space is lived in; their colourful nature instantly adds a friendly touch to any room, as flowers show that whoever owns a space cares about it.

Secondly, plantlife adds a variety of health benefits to a space, that you will start to feel the effects of almost immediately. They add hydration to a room, help to oxygenate it and have even been proven to help reduce the number of toxins in a space too.

Do you have any more tips for people who’d like to add a personal touch to their home? Let us know in the comments section below…

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