Savvy Shopping Tips To Save You Money This Year


If improving your finances is on your list for this year’s goals, check out my shopping tips to make your money go further.

  1. Vouchers

Before making a purchase, check to see whether there’s a discount code. Companies such as Plus Voucher Code provide numerous offers and discounts on a wide variety of products and services. Don’t pay more. Check to see if you can save money before hitting the checkout button. Vouchers can be used on a whole range of products including clothes, electronic items, eating out, spa days, etc.

This is an old trick, but it’s still very useful. You can save money on your weekly supermarket shop by using newspaper coupons. Keep an eye out for coupons for the products you regularly use and take them along to the supermarket.

  1. Loyalty Cards

Don’t let your loyalty cards fester at the bottom of your handbag. Make sure you take them on all your shopping trips. Many people save up the loyalty points over the year and redeem them to save money on Christmas shopping and gift buying. You’re buying the products anyway, so you might as well maximise the benefits.

  1. Savvy Food Shopping

When you next go to the supermarket, remember that everything is designed to promote and encourage you to buy. This involves the layout of the stores. You’ll be familiar with the low-priced, impulse items placed near the till. These encourage you to make a snap decision while you’re waiting to check out.

Items which make the most profit are displayed at eye level, as they are the first products you notice. Make sure you don’t reach for the first item you see. Look around and make comparisons.

Don’t be swayed by 3 for 2 deals and other promotions. Some may be beneficial, but others are designed to make you buy more. If you only need one item, why buy three?

Never shop when you’re hungry and always keep to your list.

  1. Use The Library

If you buy a lot of books, it’s worth checking out your local library. Not only do they lend physical books, but many provide access to electronic content also. As well as books they also provide CDs and audiobooks.

  1. Make Your Own Gifts

There are countless tutorials online to help you make your own gifts. Giving something you have created yourself is much more personal than something bought in the shops. And you can cut your expenditure in the process.

Don’t be fooled, though. If you have to start buying lots of tools and supplies, costs can quickly escalate. That shop-bought item might be more cost-effective after all.

  1. Set Yourself A Challenge

If you’re aware that you spend too much money in a specific area, set yourself a challenge for the year. For example, resolve to read only the books you have already purchased or those borrowed from the library. This often leads you into unexpected areas.

If clothes are your weak point, decide to buy no new clothes for a certain amount of time. Instead, find creative ways to use the clothes you already have. This might include recycling, repurposing and mixing styles, etc. Or, throw a clothes swap party with your friends and see what comes up.

There are lots of ways to make savings throughout the year. All you need is a little bit of creativity and a few savvy tips.

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