The Benefits of Vaping Instead of Smoking Tobacco


Smoking is notorious for being one of the hardest habits to kick, plus nobody knows the health hazards more than a smoker. Many smokers have managed to quit in recent years thanks to e-cigarettes and it is now more common to see people smoking these than tobacco cigarettes. Whilst some people use an e-cigarette as a stepping stone to quitting entirely, others are simply switching as they do not carry the same health risks and have other advantages.

The Difference

Instead of inhaling nicotine through burning tobacco, the nicotine is inhaled through a vaporised liquid which creates a mist that looks like smoke. Consequently, there is no burning and you are not inhaling deadly toxins, but you are still getting a “hit” of nicotine through a method which both looks and feels like smoking. This is called vaping and it makes quitting much easier than using gum or patches (or going cold turkey).

Health Benefits

Toxins from burning tobacco are the primary cause of death and disease related to inhaling tobacco, so vaping is immediately a much healthier alternative and second-hand smoke is not so much of an issue (but you should still be polite and check that it is ok to vape wherever you are). By no longer burning tobacco, you may find that you have more energy, your fitness improves, you do not cough as much and your taste and smell improve. Another benefit is that there is no stale smoke smell (something that others will benefit from too).

Financial Benefits

In addition to the health benefits, vaping is also much more cost effective in the long run. By shopping at reputable suppliers like Vype, you can get everything you need and you will find great variety. Although the upfront cost will be more than a pack of cigarettes, the liquids will last much longer and you could save a fortune.


Many people who vape also enjoy the variation that you get. There are devices of all shapes and sizes, different flavoured liquids to try and all kinds of accessories. Some simply opt for something that looks and feels like a cigarette to make the transition easier, whilst others experiment slightly. You can also control the amount of nicotine that you are inhaling.

Whether you are looking to quit smoking tobacco and want an effective stepping stone or you want a healthier alternative, you will find that vaping is the best solution and one which has helped a large percentage of smokers to finally kick the habit. There are numerous health and financial benefits, plus it has become a much more socially acceptable habit to have.

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