Commercial Flooring Trends


Having proper flooring is important for every enclosure, but you cannot use the same types of flooring in a commercial space like the ones you use in a residential space. The needs are different in the case of a commercial space, and so is the wear and tear of the floor. But, what are the latest trends concerning commercial flooring? Well, honestly, trends should be the last on the list when you are looking for a resistant flooring to install in a space where traffic, heavy equipment and furniture, spills, scratches, and many more, will be present in a daily basis. You need commercial flooring that is reliable, sturdy, easy to clean and maintain, and has a long life span.

Just like anything else in this world, commercial flooring enjoys modern advancements that make them even better than they used to be. New textures are now available, together with new patterns, colors, and various details. They can be customized as well, so they can meet the requirements of design and durability of the client. So, what is the old in this industry? Well, you probably know very well the old dull tiles, each of them rigorously respecting the 12” X 12” dimension. There wasn’t anything spectacular or pleasant about them, because they were made just to resist and cope with anything that could happen in a commercial environment. Back in the days, there was nothing connected to aesthetics in such types of flooring.

But then, what are the new trends? If in the past it counted more to have practical floors than comfortable and pretty ones, the interests changed these days. The lacks of personality of the old commercial floors made people feel rather uncomfortable, being a constant reminder that they are in a commercial space, where everybody works. For the sake and comfort of both clients and employees, things have changed. The 12” X 12” are not replaced, because they are still incredibly useful, as they are more colored, by using different colors tiles now and then. A simple detail like this can change the way the floor looks in an incredible manner. Also, the tiles are not square anymore, as they changed their shape as well. Today, hexagonal tiles do the job much better and changing a dull commercial space into one that looks more attractive. Stripes and linear patterns are not great just in fashion, as they also won terrain when it comes to commercial flooring trends. They are much preferred because they make the space look bigger, also creating the visual illusion of guiding people inside the commercial space.

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