American Children Deserve a Higher Standard in Trampoline Safety

Trampolines are a great way to get your kids fit and having fun outside this summer, however many parents are reluctant to purchase a trampoline because they have a reputation for being unsafe. While this may be true for most trampolines on the market, there are companies out there developing innovative designs that are setting new standards for trampoline safety.

One of these competitors is the Springfree Trampoline USA, whose engineers have implemented features that either compensate for, or completely eliminate the major design flaws that make traditional trampolines so risky — removing most product-related injury.The first major innovation is that they’ve replaced the exposed metal frame that surrounds the trampoline; a major cause of injury as children collide with the frame, or crash into hard metal resulting in bruises, dislocations, concussions, or even more serious injuries. The framework in these trampolines is hidden safely below the jumping platform, supporting the structure from below so that there is little to no risk of impact.

Moreover, Springfree has — you guessed it — replaced conventional horizontal springs with composite rods. These flexible composite instruments are located in a coiled ring below the mat and are designed to bend under pressure rather than snap, and most importantly, are removed from the bouncers’ plane, removing any chance of contact.


What’s also great aboutthis new innovation in trampoline technology is that it is equipped with a SoftEdgemat This mat is reinforced by one last safety feature, a FlexiNet enclosure supported by thin but sturdy composite rods that aredesigned to guide falling jumpers back into the ring,eliminating the risk of them falling outwards.

The Springfree Trampoline design is setting new standards in safety, and they have wonprestigious awards such as The Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, The US Family Choice Award, as well as the International Design Award for their innovation and reliability.

Perhaps the best feature of these new trampolines is that they come equipped for the digital age. The tgoma app turns your trampoline into the world’s first smart trampoline. Once the program is downloaded, sensors in the mat of the trampoline to record players’ jumps, allowing kids and adults alike to score points through healthy competition while getting active outside. The tgomaFit setting allows users to transform their trampoline jumping into a fun, interactive exercise, enhancing their workout and even comparing stats with other jumpers around the world.

Furthermore, there are a number of games for kids such as “Whatzat?” encouraging young jumpers to create their own fun, providing the age-appropriate sounds, images and themes to go along with the game. Some of these include farmyards, vehicles, and dinosaurs. This game encourages creativity, and challenges children to use their imaginations.“Math Hopper” is a game that helps children practise and test their mathematics skills while jumping.Alien Stomp is a game inspired by whack-a-mole with twenty levels ranging from levels easy for young kids, to levels that are challenging even for adults.

While the kids enjoy spending active screen time outside, parents meanwhile get to enjoy a summer free of injuries, knowing their kids are having fun and staying safe at the same time. If a Springfree Trampoline sounds right for you, visit your local retailer to learn more and browse the catalogue.

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