The benefits of a fitted wardrobe



You may want to have some fitted wardrobes to make use of the space that you have in your home. One way that you may choose to do this is to have some bespoke walk-in wardrobes, which suggest a more tailor-made approach. By having a custom made design then it will suit your specific needs in terms of what you would best like to be fitted. For example, you may like to have several shelves for jumpers to be stored or more hanging space for suits and dresses. It really is more in line with your own personal requirements rather than a shop made fit.

On the other hand, a fitted loft wardrobe is a bespoke fit of wardrobes, which usually extend to the shape of the loft space. This is moulded more for the shape of the room and it is a good way to use the space. This is more in line with a loft conversion which allows a greater storage feature in what might be a more limited space.

A made to measure hallway wall unit allows for all the clutter to be diminished as you can store shoes, bulky coats, umbrellas and loose items such as scarves. This would normally be installed in the main entrance hall to a grand house such as a detached house with ample space, although this may be suitable for other types of houses. You may also be able to store an iron board or a hoover in that area which may be unsightly or awkward to access otherwise. This is another way in which you can store your items for a clutter free home. This would suit a Victorian style hallway or new builds where storage may become limited. You will not be able to have the exact measurements for these types of wardrobes and units that you can purchase off the shelf. Therefore, by having a custom made design for each type, you will be able to maximise the amount of storage that you have in your home overall.

The advantages of being able to choose these type of units is that you can choose what material you prefer. This includes the choice of whether you have a mirror added or whether you have any specific shelving systems that suit your lifestyle choices. You may also be able to have added extras to the wardrobes such as extra shoe racks or multiple faceted designs on the face of the wardrobe.

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