A Guide to Buying the perfect Mattress


Having the right beds and mattresses can mean the difference between sweet dreams for your family and restless nights with aches and pains during the day. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose and to know when to replace it. Bed-e-buys have offered some tips to get you started when choosing a mattress.

The Bounce Test

It is really important to try out mattresses before you buy. Head down to your local showroom, and don’t be shy. Sit on the mattresses, bounce a bit to understand how firm you find comfortable, and do try lying down. Spend a few minutes, and do change position.

A firmer mattress might be better for heavier people, though sleeping position should influence your choice, too. If you sleep on your front, you might want a slightly softer mattress.

An Investment Piece

It can be a big financial outlay in one go, but it is worth spending as much as you can afford on beds and mattresses as they are important for sleep. We spend an average of eight hours in our beds each night, and with a mattress lasting around eight years, the cost per night works out to be very reasonable.
Consider your health and well-being, and the value of a good mattress grows immeasurably. Eight years is a guide, though, so if you find you’re waking up stiff or sore before then, you might want to change sooner.

Time For Bed-E-Buys

Visit a specialist retailer for guidance on how to care for your mattress. Mattresses come in standard sizes, but bed frames will vary significantly, so do be sure of the space you have at home and measure before you buy.

Types Of Mattress

Open Spring: this is the most common type of mattress at the budget end, and stitching will be done by machine rather than by hand.
Pocket Spring: as the name suggests, springs are contained within individual pockets in the material. As the springs work independently, they respond to your body and distribute your weight better.

Memory Foam: increasingly popular in recent years, memory foam moulds itself to the body’s contours and is hypo-allergenic. It is more expensive but can help support a natural posture.

Latex: set to become the next big thing, latex is similar to memory foam but does not rely on body heat to mould a shape so can be a perfect solution for restless sleepers.

Caring For Your Mattress

Airing the mattress is important when it is first delivered and then every week for a while by leaving bed linen off for a few hours. Turning the mattress, or flipping it, is also important in prolonging its life. Your weight will compress a mattress, and continued compression on the same part of the mattress might lead to lumps and bumps appearing.

Many people like to use a mattress cover to protect it. Make sure you choose a breathable fabric rather than a plastic sheet to allow air to circulate.

A good mattress topper can be a straightforward way to add a touch of luxury to a lower-budget mattress and provide additional support and cosiness. There are natural options available, like traditionally luxurious goose down, but also synthetic options that can be anti-allergy or machine-washable, so consider what you need from it.

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