5 ways to improve your home this summer


With Summer well and truly here (touch wood) it’s time to make sure your home is ready to cope with any potential heat waves and ensure you make the most of the bright days and light nights.

From the glamourous chores of gutter cleaning and grundfos home booster purchasing, to getting creative and sprucing up garden furniture, here are 5 suggestions for getting your house ready for the great British Summertime.

1.     Clean out your gutters.

It’s not the most glamourous household job but it’s far preferable to get this chore ticked off in the sun rather than being up a ladder in the pouring rain. It’s suggested that you give your gutters a clean out after autumn and winter but if you don’t fancy being up high, scooping leaves and silt out (and who can blame you?), hire someone to tick this one off your to do list.

2.     Spruce up your garden furniture

The British Summertime may only last a few days so it’s important to utilise the little sunshine when we get it. Whatever size or state your garden is, you can create a little paradise in your back yard whatever your budget. Explore Pinterest and other home and house sites for inspiration and make sure your garden is a sanctuary for when the temperature heats up. Just little hacks can change the game completely – why not remove the middle plank of a picnic table, insert with a trough, and fill with ice for chilled bottles at your next function? Or maybe upcycle some old deck chairs to recline in and sunbathe? The internet is filled with loads of hints and tips on how to do some DIY with minimal costs – take advantage of it.

3.     Install a home booster

Sadly, not as much fun as arts and crafts with garden furniture but imperative. A Grundfos Home Booster is a self-contained cold water booster set and let’s face it, absolutely vital when you’re desperate for a cold shower in the middle of a humid, muggy night.

The unit is designed for domestic properties where the existing mains water supply is insufficient to meet the demand requirements of pressurised hot and cold water systems. If your home has been struggling then it’s worth getting one fitted in time for the eventual national hosepipe ban!

4.     Throw away the throws

Well, you don’t have to actually chuck away your throws, heavy covers etc but it’s time to store them away until next season. Replace those heavy curtains, switch to the summer duvet, and invest in some linen drapes.

If funds, and time, permits then a change in season can also be the perfect opportunity for a little interior overhaul. Even something as simple as just switching cushions and table cloths to more summer appropriate colours and themes can perk up a house and add a fresh new vibe.

5.     Finally complete that spring clean

Ok, the excuses are over – we well and truly hurtling into summer and if the spring clean hasn’t been done yet now really is the time. Go through your wardrobe and anything you haven’t worn in over a year either goes in storage or to the charity. Get the kids to streamline their toy boxes and finally recycle all those magazines and newspapers loitering around the house everywhere. You’ll feel better for a clear out and have more space to store summer essentials like BBQ kits!

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