Everything To Consider When Buying Furniture

We’ve all been there. Shopping down at the store, finding it hard to choose between that oak or mahogany coffee table. Making that ultimate decision feels like the hardest decision you’ve ever had to make!

Maybe I’m exaggerating, but still, buying furniture isn’t easy. Because they’re such expensive, important items, purchasing them carries an inherent risk. They’re not that easy to return, you know! What if my sofa doesn’t match my walls?!

So, to ease some of these worries, here are some important considerations to make when you’re buying furniture. Happy shopping!

  1. Does it match the decor?

It might sound silly to ask, but make sure your furniture matches the decor in the room. You can easily tell which colors go with what, so bear this in mind when furniture shopping.


If your room is all neutral, ten neutral furniture is the way to go. If you have a purple feature wall, then perhaps a purple sofa would be appropriate. It’s up to you to understand your own room, though.

  1. What’s the manufacturing method?

There are a couple of different manufacturing methods for furniture, and each has wildly different results. You can usually tell which method was used in the product you’re looking at; just look for the word ‘handcrafted’ as an indicator.

As you probably just guessed, handcrafted is the first furniture manufacturing method. It’s used by companies like Ian Snow Ltd, and means that each individual product has been given its own bit of attention. This often results in a sturdier build, as more time has been spent on the creation process.

On the other hand, mass-made furniture/bulk produced furniture is much more common. This is because it’s easier for companies to churn out thousands of sofas at a lower cost. This has the unfortunate side effect of the furniture being less reliable. It also makes it less unique, as there will literally be hundreds of others just like it.

  1. How dominant do you want certain features to be?

You may want your sofa to dominate your living room, or you may want the coffee table. You might want a large dining table, or a small one. Whatever the case, make sure you weigh up your options before purchasing.

You have to think about the circumstances of your home. Do you have a lot of people living there, who are always bustling in and out the house? Perhaps a smaller piece of furniture would be wiser, to make access easier.

Similarly, more people means more bums on seats, so you might need a large dining table. If you value space when designing the bedroom, then choose a smaller bed! Only you know what you need, so try to get it right!

  1. What materials do you want?

Some materials are better than others. If you choose a leather sofa, for example, this is less likely to stain than a cotton or fabric one. If you have kids, stains will be common! Also, some pillows found on some sofas will need fluffing up regularly.

Is that glass top table really a good idea in a busy household? Probably not. The kids and the dog could both smash it. In short, assess your living situation and decide what’s best for you. Only you know your home!

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