The Benefits of Dog Ownership

People love animals. That is becoming clearer as dog ownership across the world rises.

As you can see from this article, in countries like India where people are becoming financially better off, the numbers of dogs being kept as pets is soaring. People are choosing to spend some of their newfound disposable income on keeping a dog, and numerous studies show that doing so is a good choice. This is because keeping a dog brings many benefits to families and individuals.


Improve your health

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to owning a dog is the positive affect it has on your physical health. All dogs need some form of exercise, every day.

Unless you live on a farm or have a huge plot of land that means you have to walk them, and make sure that they get a good run. Naturally, what that means is that you end up exercising too, and do so every day. As a result, you stay fitter than the general population.

Research carried out by Michigan State University showed that 34% of dog owners walked for at least 150 minutes per week, far more than non-dog owners did. However, the benefits do not stop there. You can read more about the positive impact dog ownership has on your general health here.

Dogs improve your social skills

A surprising benefit of owning a dog is that it improves your social life and skills. Recently, Megan Mueller, PhD, published a paper that showed that young adults who had regular access to a dog while growing up developed a better sense of community than those that had no pets. They also felt less isolated and had more confidence.

Dogs relieve stress

Research published in the Western Journal of Medicine shows that stroking a pet reduces blood pressure, and slows the heart rate. As a result, animals, in particular dogs are being used increasingly as therapy animals. They can now be found in care homes, hospitals and treatment centres, across the world.


Dogs are very sensitive animals that tap into the mood of their owners, and other family members. They know when someone is feeling depressed or anxious and will provide comfort. Dogs help people to lead a happier life.

Buying the right dog

However, you are only really going to see these benefits if you buy the right dog for your family. For example, trying to keep a large, active Doberman in a flat is going to cause problems. Living with a dog in such an inappropriate way is going to cause stress, not reduce it.

Therefore, you need to take the time to find a dog that is right for you and your lifestyle. The best approach is to buy from a professional kennel like, Douglas Hall Kennels in Lancashire. This breeder provides advice to prospective owners to make sure that they go home with a pet that is right for them, as well as ongoing support for those who need it.



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