Accommodation, Planning and Money-Saving Advice For A Disneyland Orlando Visit


Visiting Disneyland is every kid’s dream. Scratch that, it’s everybody’s dream! Even the sternest of adults wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation of the house of mouse.

The main attraction is Disneyland Florida, in Orlando. And straightaway, to clear the elephant in the room… it’s not going to be cheap. This article will offer you some money-saving advice, but you’ll still have to shell out a pretty penny.

But, to be honest, it’s worth it. Anyone who has been will tell you that. It’s the holiday of a lifetime, and you won’t regret the costs. Like any holiday, you need to find a hotel, plan the day, and execute that plan perfectly. If you have never been before, or want more tips for your second visit, you’re in the right place.

Plan to cater for yourself

Starting off with a more general holiday tip, but one that applies heavily to Disneyland. The costs of all-inclusive or on-site catering are ridiculously high, and it works out cheaper to buy food yourselves. Disneyland Florida is very close to local shops and amenities, so you will find it easy to locate a supermarket.

On-site hotels are usually way more expensive

Disney’s on-site hotels are nice, but very pricey. We’re after money-saving tips, remember? Choosing an off-site hotel will slash those accommodation costs. The only negative is that you’ll need to make a slightly longer journey to get to the park. But it’s not a big deal, as most hotels are close to the park anywhere. There are a ton of places to get cheap Orlando hotels, much like, so don’t resort to those Disney ones straightaway.



Do not wait until you arrive to buy tickets!!

This is VITAL! You could get there and find the prices to be extortionate. You could get there and not have enough money to buy tickets. Buy them in advance. It will be cheaper. Disneyland has four theme parks, so plan to spend some time in each. There is a ticket option that allows you to visit all these parks, but it’s quite high. Go for the individual ones instead.

Much like the hotel, don’t use Disney’s website. There are many, many places that offer cheaper tickets, from to Shop around for the cheapest deals. This is important, especially if you have a large group.

Arrive at the park before it opens

In order to get to the front of the line, and make the most of that ticket, get there early. You have paid for every second that the park is open, so use them. You’ll also beat the queues for rides and will get more time on each attraction as a result. Also, take in snacks, tissues and other amenities with you. It’s much cheaper than buying them on-site.

And that just about does it! Hopefully, these tips have helped you out somewhat, and you’re well on your way to Disney paradise. Orlando is a simple city to crack, so once you have shopped around for some good deals, you’re all ready to go. Have a great time!

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