How to Save Space in Your Child’s Bedroom


We all want more space. No matter which room in the house we turn to, there never seems to be enough, and the worst culprit for this is the kids’ bedrooms. Having the right furniture and the right approach can make all the difference, so here are a few tips for making the most of any child’s bedroom.

Re-think the bed space

With more and more people opting for apartment living, the range of unique children’s bed spaces has massively increased. There are many alternatives to traditional bases and mattress, we just need to start thinking more creatively and consider what the space is needed for.

Whether it’s bunk beds for kids sharing a room you need, or a slumber-office combo for your studious teenager, you can find just what you need at Charlies Bedroom. If you want a sleek, modern bed with desk and under-bed storage, their range of cabin beds, loft beds and bunk beds will cater to all tastes.

 Think about storage solutions

Storage doesn’t have to be a cumbersome cupboard anymore. Drawers can be incorporated into headboards, or you can pick up a mattress that can be lifted for toy storage or extra clothes underneath. Again, it comes down to what your child uses the space for the most. If you know what you want, but you’re not so hot on design ideas, a simple search into Pinterest, or visiting design specialist sites can give you some great ideas as a starting point for creating the perfect, space-saving room for your child.

Make the most of wall space

Using as much of the vertical space as possible reduces the amount of floor space needed for furniture. It could be an elaborate, sweeping shelf around their bed area, to house books, lighting and so on, but you could buy a ladder shelf instead which goes from floor to ceiling with varying widths. Not only does it provide the perfect space-saving solution, but it will be a fantastic design feature of the room.

 De-clutter often

Kids grow up fast, and their fashion and sense of style develops even faster as they find their personality. Having a de-clutter with them every once in a while gives you the chance to get rid of anything they aren’t using and re-evaluate the way you’re using the space.

If they’re younger, throw away those toys they haven’t used in years, or look at swapping the toy shelves for a bed with a built-in desk as they move into secondary school. All of this helps to maximise the limited area you have, while your kids have everything they need.

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