A Phone like the Galaxy S7 Needs a Skin

There’s a reason why you bought your new Galaxy S7. This high-end Android has some serious power behind it, letting you do a lot more stuff than your old phone. A long list of specs makes this an amazing phone to use – except for one thing. The 5.1” display beefs the S7 into a humungous smartphone. Although only consider medium-sized, it’s more than a little unwieldy. The newest Galaxy can be a little difficult to hold at times. You didn’t invest nearly £500 into a phone only to drop it and ruin it. Protect your investment with a S7 skin.


When it comes to protective gear, nothing beats S7 skins. It may be tempting to buy a case for your smartphone, thinking that hard, plastic case would stand up better to a beating than a thin vinyl skin. This is where your Galaxy and a plastic case part ways, for bigger isn’t better when it comes to a protective covering. A plastic case adds on the pounds to an already large phone, turning it into an even bigger hazard than it was naked. Bulky, clunky, and expensive, plastic cases just aren’t the answer.

A vinyl skin, on the other hand, is exactly what your S7 needs. Thin where a case is bulky, the vinyl adheres to your phone as if it was always meant to be there. Though it only adds a few millimetres to your phone, it more than represents itself in terms of protection. The 3M vinyl provides a tough, durable layer between the world and your precious smartphone, and the S7 skin will defend against rough and sharp surfaces that can take a dent out of your phone. More importantly, S7 skins offer up a grip that this line of Galaxies need. The 3M vinyl wants to stay in your hand, so you’re less likely to watch in horror as the phone slips from your grip and onto the pavement.

The S7 has a lot of unique curves and dimensions, so it’s understandable that some people might be doubtful of its fit. What use would a skin be if it covered up the S Pen’s storage area or made ugly the smooth curves? That’s why it’s so important that you go with the highest quality S7 skins out there. Make a list of providers that claim that they can offer superior fit and compare them. When your skin promises fit, reliable protection, and style, it’s worth the time looking at webpages. So start compiling one soon to find the best provider, being sure to include dbrand.com/shop/galaxy-s7 in your search. Their skins are custom cut to the specific measurements of your phone, so they never interfere with its design or compromise its functionality. If anything, due to their stylish colours and textures, S7 skins enhance the smartphone.

You shouldn’t have to use your S7 on its own, worried about dropping or damaging it. Get yourself a Galaxy S7 skin (or two) to protect your smartphone, so you can use it without a care. Your wallet will thank you!

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