Who to call when you need someone to advertise your brand


The mere work of advertiser may make some people think about pesky commercials, which pop out of nowhere and invade their space. Well, they are right in a way, as many companies do not know how to advertise their brand in an interesting manner, without being too pushy or too flashy. To my surprise, I participated in an event made under the brand of Heineken, which appeared to make made with a lot of attention and great taste. There was nothing too bulky, making the advertising campaign seem too heavy to digest. The entire event was rather engaging, the lights and designs seem to fit perfectly with the brand, the entire set looking like composing the set of a big movie. I said to myself, at last, advertising did in the best way possible.

Of course, my quest will not end here, just contemplating the beauty of this urban manifestation. I had to find out who was responsible for all this, who managed to find decency, quality and good taste in a market flooded with heavy advertisers and marketing campaigns. One word reached my ears, and that word was RPM. No, it is not rotations per minutes, but I must admit that RPM is indeed an efficient engine for putting a brand in a great light. It wasn’t long until I found out that this was a creative agency, independent of all the mastodons that rule this domain, which tries to bring a difference in the way brands are promoted these days. And I can say that they do an excellent job. The Heineken experience was great, and not just because the beer is good. I would like to see more events for promoting a brand like this one because this is how I picture the future in this direction.

Brand promoting should not be invasive or tiring. People should not want to hide when advertising campaigns or events appear. They should feel invited and engaged in the whole process, attracted by the great things they can see and do over there. But this lies entirely in the way the event is orchestrated, obviously by some people that enjoy thinking outside the box. Hopefully, this will not be the only event of this kind I will get to see in the coming future.

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