Every one of us dreams of the day when the lottery jackpot will become his, or hers. We start making plans and think what we will do with all that money. It is hard not to get carried away since the jackpot can be a very long number. I always liked talking with my friends about it, since we all played the lottery. We spend hours making plans and thinking about a plan once we will manage to find the lucky combination that will make us rich. The mirage or a life without worries, filled with luxury and indulgences that were not possible until that moment. It was a sweet dream, making us all get another ticket each week, hoping that one day luck will stop on our street.

Of course, each of us hoped that luck will stop on his street because money does make you selfish, and that is a fact. Maybe I would offer a consolation prize to my losing friends if I got the jackpot, but, my luck is my luck, and I was not about to share it with anyone. I started thinking about the high-quality and exclusive items I could own, one of these being the preowned Omega watch. I always had a thing for watches, considering them a classy and practical accessory at the same time. And this particular watch would definitely make my day. I didn’t need a Rolex or one made out of gold. I don’t like opulence, as a value quality more than anything. It would be hard to get one with an average salary, but if I win the lottery, things would be a lot more different.

Besides the dream watch, the next thing I would do is travelling around the world. There are so many places I would like to see. I don’t think I would spoil myself too much, because when it comes to money, nothing lasts too long. So I plan on having a decent life, without throwing money out the window and without carrying about tomorrow. As I said, I don’t like opulence so that I will invest only in quality. It is not too recommended to flash around that you have money because it will always attract the wrong kind of people.