Splashing Out on Signature Furniture Pieces


The one way to instantly add a trendy edge to your home is by adding some signature furniture to style it up. With Scandinavian design at the forefront of interior fashion at the moment, some signature minimalist pieces of furniture could be all you need to make your home look bang on trend.

Splashing out on a few nice signature pieces can really make all the difference. Unique pieces of furniture can really transform the look of a room. From a well-placed lamp to a new chair or shelving unit, there are so many ways that adding a signature piece of furniture can really shake things up.


To make a start, why not purchase a statement piece in the form of a free-standing lamp. These lamps, like the Tom Dixon Beat Lamp at Nest , have been seen featured in many interior inspiration Instagram photos and make an iconic feature in any room. A lamp is the perfect way to start your minimalism makeover and the warm glow of the light really helps to create a soft and relaxed atmosphere in the room.


If you’re wanting to add something larger, then a 70s inspired sideboard or a bookshelf is good piece to introduce. Sideboards are really on trend at the moment and make great storage for things like extra dining wear or books and dvd’s. A statement bookshelf is arguably a bigger investment but well worth it as it can become the defining feature of a room. Be sure to invest in a high quality piece which can withstand the weight of the books or whatever trinkets you’re planning on displaying on there, as you’ll get plenty of attention from admirers.


The key to selecting the right signature furniture pieces are if you pick the right piece you can completely transform a room without having to spend a fortune on renovating it all. If you have a minimalist aesthetic already then something like a large geometric rug as a centre piece or introducing some colour with a new style table and chairs, can be all you need to make a difference. An expensive piece of signature furniture really does make all the difference.

It’s well worth spending a bit of extra cash to get something that’s impressive and good quality as opposed to something less statement that’s of poor quality and will need replacing in a few months, so why not update your home today?

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