Garden Design Trends for this Summer


There’s nothing nicer than having a gorgeous garden to relax in when the sun comes out. For hosting family barbeques, relaxing in the sunshine and drinks with friends on balmy summer nights, creating a garden you love spending time in and can be proud of is a real asset to your home and life. Here are the top outdoor design trends for this summer so you can start sprucing yours up now:

Outdoor Furniture

Garden design has come a long way from the plastic table, four chairs and parasol on the patio days. Now garden furniture comes in so many different designs and styles that it’s much more similar to the tables and chairs we have inside our homes than ever before. Why not splash out on some deep seated wicker furniture with cushions in a quality fabric, if you’re planning on spending a lot of time out there. A lot of the matching tables now come with glass tops so are perfect for enjoying drinks and eating dinner outdoors so you can have as much of a stylish dinner outdoors as inside.


Lighting up the garden is more popular than ever before. Create an enchanting atmosphere with cute fairy lights on a string or use warm spot lighting on certain plants and areas to create a soft glow. Experiment with different coloured lights to create different atmospheres depending on the type of vibe you’re wanting to create. There are solar wireless lighting solutions available which are perfect for gardens as they charge up through the day naturally so can really come in handy when it starts to get dusk.


There’s so much you can do to display your plants in the garden in new ways this year. From rust bucket style inspired planters to step ladder plant stands and bird cage style planters, you can get as creative as you like. Take a look at all the amazing different types of planter available at Cox and Cox to really style up your garden this summer. The step ladders look super cute and can display many different plants at once whereas planters are much more suited to showing off larger plants.

There are so many other garden design trends to get involved with that these are just the tip of the iceberg. With a hot summer hopefully on the way, get started on revamping your garden today with these tips.

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