3 Common Myths about Running shoes



While obesity remains a huge concern in the Western world and similarly developed economies, there is evidence that a growing number of people are attempting to engage in physical activity and enjoy an active lifestyle. This was explored in greater detail by a huge, Active People Survey back in 2012, which canvassed the opinion of more than 160,000 respondents and revealed that an estimated total of 1.98 million people run regularly in the UK. Swimming and cycling were also popular activities, meaning that the residents of the UK are more active than they are often given credit for.

3 Common Myths about running shoes exposed

 As any good runner will testify, however, the willingness to invest in suitable attire is almost as important as having a focused and dedicated attitude to physical exercise. Running shoes are particularly important, although you must be careful when shopping and strive to avoid many of the common myths that can cloud this type of purchase. Here are three considerations: –

1.There is a ‘best’ running shoe

 When inexperienced runners first enter the market for footwear, they often become preoccupied with the search for the best and market leading running shoes. Unfortunately no such shoe exists, however, as even those that have positive customer reviews are their ability to meet personal tastes and individual requirements. There are many different types of running shoe available in the modern age, with alternative products aimed at various target market based on strides, purpose and even the contours of your feet.

So, abandon your search for a market leading running shoe and instead seek out one that suits your personal needs. 

2. A Branded shoe of any description is a great shoe

 While branded shoes may guarantee a certain design and build quality, not all are created equal. We have already touched on how there are many different running shoes to suit alternative needs, while even the best brands have price tiers that are indicative of quality and performance. A high quality branded running shoe from Nike or New Balance is also not guaranteed to suit your foot contours or specific requirements, however, so this preconceived notion must be ignored when shopping.

If you are a novice and lack experience of the market it is also unwise to prioritise one particular brand, as this may prove counterproductive for your overall search. Instead, search through a reputable distributor website and compare products from the leading brands within a single, online space.

3. Running shoes can make you fast

 As a general rule, the purchase of well-designed and suitable running shoes can help to optimise your levels of performance and comfort while in motion. They will not make you run with the speed of Usain Bolt, however, or propel you from obscurity to the level of an Olympic athlete overnight. When comparing the market, you will need to keep this in mind and search for shoes that are comfortable, compatible with your stride pattern and capable of making you feel as though you are fast. Other than this, pace, power and stamina can only be provided by your muscles, lungs and desire to become a superior runner.

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