The history of traditional bingo


We all know what Bingo is, but do you know how it all started? How did this game become so popular, being one of the most favourite ways of spending free time? After a little research, it appears that the roots of Bingo were found in Italy. It was called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”, as it was a part of the country’s traditional lottery game. Concerning the time it appeared, it is estimated that around the 1500’s this game first saw the daylight. Thus, ever since then, for the centuries that followed, Bingo has become one of the most appreciated game to enjoy with your friends and other members of the community. Today, it is even present on the Internet, being an online game anyone can play.

Following the path took by Bingo across Europe, the evidence is showing that the game reached France in the 1700’s, being called “Le Lotto.” In spite of what you may think, back in those days, the game was not accessible to everyone, being played only by the wealthy class in France. Bingo had to change a bit and travel around the world to be the game we all know today. Still, its playing modality did not change too much, being aspects that survived the test of time. So the way Bingo is played in halls around the globe is the way it was played centuries ago, by the aristocracy. An interesting aspect you may not know about Bingo is that in Germany, back in the 19th century, the game was used as a way to educate children. They were thought time tables, how to spell, various animals and many other things.

It is possible that the present name of Bingo may have evolved from “Beano”, used when the game reached North America, in the 1920’s. In a couple of decades the game reached Britain, and by the 1960’s, it became one of the most popular game for spending the free time. Today, about 100 million people play bingo all over the world, whether it is in halls or online, so this game is here to stay. The possibility of playing Bingo at home, on the Internet, convinced more and more people to try it, this is how the incredible number of players appeared. Check out my source for bingo games and give it a try if you never played Bingo before. There is a high chance it will grow on you.

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