Tenerife in March


The best way to escape the cold weather of winter months is to travel somewhere it is warm and sunny throughout the year. Such a destination is Tenerife. So why is this destination so great to visit in March? One reason would be that here, the temperatures in March are around 21°C (70°F) and sunny. So it is much better than in the cold and windy Britain this time of the year. No wonder so many Britons prefer a short escapade in this corner of the world. The island is incredibly beautiful, and it is suitable both for travelling in a couple or with your family.

There are many reasons to visit Tenerife. You will find gorgeous beaches, where you can sunbathe or go snorkelling. Also, you can visit the Parque Nacional Las Canadas del Teide, which is a major attraction in the area, since it houses the third largest volcano in the world. So the views you will have in the area will be unforgettable. The massive volcano is surrounded by lush green forests, something you get to see very rarely during life. As another interesting activity, you can take the boat out on the sea and go for dolphin and whale watching. These marine mammals prefer the warm waters of Tenerife, so the chance to see on in their natural habitat is significantly higher.

Don’t forget to visit the colorful capital, La Laguna. It’s been there since 1946, and it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, due to its old appearance, very well-preserved even in present days. In spite of what you may think, La Laguna is not packed with tourists, being actually a great place to find some peace and relaxation. Only students and locals can be found here, so the place has a more laid back air than the rest of the touristic areas of the island. Plus, you will get a bite of the local culture and the chance to spend a lovely time in a charming city. So, are you ready to trade the rain of Britain for some sun in Tenerife? Sunshine.co.uk offer some of the best holiday deals. March should be the period of visiting the island since the number of tourists is much lower during this time of the year. You’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of Tenerife in peace.

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