Spring/Summer 2016 Shoe Trends


Even if the winter is not completely gone, hovering around with its sharp and cold teeth, it doesn’t mean we cannot start planning our spring/summer wardrobe. And since shoes are one of the most important parts of a wardrobe, it is highly understandable that you are interested in the latest trends and what new pieces you can add to your existing collection. The good news is that you will have plenty to choose from this warm season, the ankle boots being the piece of resistance. You can find a great range of ankle boots at M and M Direct, with peep-toe, laces, embroidery, electric colours, and many more. But, there are other types of shoes that are worthy of our attention as well.

The coming spring/summer season is so plentiful when it comes to shoes that it is entirely up to your imagination and style to pick the best pieces. Do you love sneakers? That’s great because casual sneakers are in trends this season. So are the well-known gladiator sandals. Much appreciated a couple of while ago, it seems that they are in high demand again, which is easy to understand why. If you like platforms, the creeper platform is very fashionable, regardless of the shoe’s style. Pointy toes and very flat flats made it to the runway, so you can easily pick one of these two or a combination of them, why not.

Heels were always considered feminine, and during this warm season, they come in all shapes and sizes, and even in various materials. Thus, the transparent Lucite will be used for the creation of the heel. But the sculptural heels, stilettos, square heels, and the kitten heels, are all charming and trendy. And because we mentioned ankle boots earlier, you should know that the stylists were not afraid to experiment with new styles and designs. So, you will find a great range of boots, casual or with a heel, with glitter, lace-ups, and buckles, made out of suede or coloured leather, almost anything is permitted. If you like studs and chains, very well, because you will see such decorated shoes on the podiums, so there is no reason you shouldn’t wear them.

The message is clear for the coming shoe trends of the 2016 spring/summer season, and that is the release of creativity and imagination in your wardrobe. If you never liked dull shoes, now is the moment to experiment and try something new, because the trends show that you will have plenty to choose from, so enjoy.

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