New Trampolines Are Now Safer Than Ever Before

If you’ve ever spent time jumping on a trampoline, you know that it can be an incredibly fun pastime and it can contribute to the overall health and fitness of children. Trampolines can be fun for the whole family, but trampolines are not toys — they require maintenance and supervision. Australian health officials have been criticising trampoline design for years and the industry has unfortunately fallen behind. Traditional trampoline models, with flimsy pads and springs that can pinch or wrench bouncers can be dangerous, and unfortunately there are not enough industry standards to keep safety as a top priority.


This was a problem for a local New Zealand dad who wanted to provide a fun and safe jumping experience, initially for his own family. His solution was to design a new kind of trampoline that completely changed the way trampolines were manufactured. One company’s new designs are setting a new bar that goes above and beyond current industry standards and are the reason why backyard trampolining has never been safer.

Springfree Trampoline offers industry-leading safety features that you are sure to love. Unlike traditional trampolines with springs and a metal frame located inches from the jumping surface, Springfree uses flexible composite rods that are hidden under the stretched mat in place of horizontally aligned springs. Like fishing rods, they are bendable and do not break easily. These poles are held together by a metal frame, but the frame is hidden far away from where the children are jumping (under the entire rigging, in fact), so there is no chance that they will fall on it. Without a frame or springs in the way, Springfree offers a SoftEdge mat which helps reduce product-related injury by 90%. Where the mat ends, the FlexiNet™ begins, which creates a fully cushioned and safe play environment 360 degrees around the bouncer. This approach means the edge of the mat is 30 times more shock-resistant than the average trampoline pads, and the FlexiNet™ enclosure absorbs the jumper’s energy. In fact, the trampoline is tested thoroughly to make sure that no amount of weight on the net can possibly topple the trampoline unit itself.

The safest trampolines are made from parts that are rigorously manufactured and tested in one factory — which allows for the highest in quality assurance. Springfree does just this, leading the way to produce the safest trampolines in Australia, with the awards to prove it. Having won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, as well as the International DesignAward, they demonstrate a dedication to using new technology to make trampoline jumping safer and more fun than ever before. Visit for more details and to find the location nearest you.

Springfreetrampolines use composite rods, a hidden frame, flexible FlexiNet™ technology, and highly tested, single-factory manufactured parts which make this trampoline the safest in Australia and in fact the world over. Its industry leading safety standards mean fewer injuries and more fun. Also, it relieves the parents’ worries knowing that they can entrust their children’s safety to a well-made and industry-leading trampoline.



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