Turning Junk into Treasure



We are all guilty of having some junk lying around our house that builds up as useless clutter, eventually gets thrown in the bin or simply gets discarded in the garage. However, there are some things that you can do with your old junk. From making clothes out of crisp packets to board games out of cereal boxes, it’s possible to recycle items you’ve used and turn them into something super creative.

What? Milk bottle or yoghurt drink container vase

What do you need? Empty plastic container, glue, paint brush, scissors, craft paper or old wrapping paper

How?  This is a good one to do with your kids and you can start by simply stripping the old bottle of any labels and painting it with a coat of glue. Then stick strips of old wrapping paper or decorated craft paper onto the bottle and let it dry before filling it up with water and flowers. Norway is currently the number one country for recycling household waste into useful items, and we can soon rival them if we can learn to make better use of our junk. 

What? Cork key rings

What do you need? Old wine bottle corks, empty keychain rings, labels, screw eyes

How?  This one is perfect for anyone with a crafty nature. You will need to attach the screw eye to the keychain ring and screw it into the top end of a cork. You can paint the corks if you want to give them a unique edge or add labels to them, so you know what each key ring is for.

What? Casino chip drink coaster

What do you need? Scissors, old casino chips, glue, felt, pen, bowl

How? If you like gambling then this creation from Ladbrokes is one of the more simple things you can make from leftover casino chips. Turn a bowl upside down on the felt and draw around it (the bowl must be the same size as you want your coaster to be). Then cut it out and glue the old casino chips onto the felt and hey presto! You have a casino chip drinking coaster ready to use for your next cup of tea.

What? Throw cushion covers made from an old jumper

What do you need? Sewing machine, scissors, cushion, old jumper,

How? This one will take a bit more skill to do and you can get started by finding an old cushion that you want to cover with your old jumper. Cut the jumper into two pieces that will cover the front and back of the cushion and then sew them together on three sides. Then place the cushion inside the pocket-like bag made from the old jumper pieces and sew up the final side or if you are feeling really clever – you can add a zip so that it is easy to take the cover off the cushion for washing.

Having a good clear out not only feels really satisfying in the end, but it’s also a great way to bond with your kids by getting them involved too. You can not only save some money by recycling old junk but you are also doing your part to save the planet.


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